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Along with the confirmation of your booking, you’ll also receive information on your stay

Where to check in and pick up the keys
Depending on the apartment in question, you might have to check in and pick up the keys at our office or at the apartment. The confirmation email you’ll receive at the end of the booking process contains exact instructions for the day you arrive.
How to pay the outstanding amount
It depends on the apartment. The confirmation email you’ll receive at the end of the booking process clearly sets out how you can pay the outstanding amount for your stay. Some apartments accept credit card and/or cash;others prefer cash.
How to pay the returnable damage deposit
It depends on the apartment in question. Some properties accept payment by credit card and cash; others accept only cash. For some destinations and certain apartments, you can also pay the refundable damage deposit on our website. You can find more details on all payment methods for refundable deposits online. The Payment Options section in the apartment’s description sets out which credit cards, if any, you may pay with. If no credit cards are given, you may only pay the returnable deposit for this apartment in cash.
How to check out and return the keys
It depends on the destination and apartment. When you arrive, your contact person will tell you how to return the keys on the day you leave
Getting your damage deposit back
Once we have satisfactorily inspected the apartment, we will return your deposit, either in cash or credited to your credit card, depending on how you paid it originally. It may take between 4 and 7 working days for it to appear as credited on your credit card account.

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