The Raval has undergone one of the most amazing transformations since the 1980’s; well known for it’s overpopulation and less than desirable residents it was an area to be avoided at all costs.. Riddled with drug dealers, prostitution and street crime it really has changed incredibly in the last 25 years or so… it is now a bohemian, alternative and very colourful barrio….

Now the Raval barrio is in some parts ultra-hip with lots of cool stores with avant-garde clothes, residents are young, hard working and innovative; some of the hottest bars, shops and restaurants are in the Raval… it has a huge modern art culture and the Raval houses the MACBA, (Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Barcelona, Museum of Modern Art) and many art galleries have paid top notch prices to rent space around the museum…

The less desirable residents such as drug lords and common thugs have to a large extent been eliminated and a large number of immigrants from Morocco, Phillipeens, Pakistan, Ecuador, India to name some, live in this neighbourhood and own and run businesses; it makes for an interesting afternoon to see all the different options for food, clothes, art, hairdressing or bars…. It is still less polished than the neighbouring areas such as Gotico and Born, but still popular, modern and cosmopolitan ……

The Raval also comes with it’s own Rambla; after several residential buildings were knocked down during the area’s “facelift”, the Rambla Raval was created, a wide path with palm trees, café terraces and it even boasts it’s own Botero sculpture of a big black cat….. the Rambla is used a lot for socialising amongst the local residents and at weekends there is an interesting “mercadillo artisanal” where anyone can sample Arabian teas and cakes…..

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