Apartment booking

  • 고객의 아파트는 예약 보증금을 지불하신 분 명의로 되어 있습니다.
  • 선불금은신용카드, 페이팔, 혹은 휴대폰을 통해서 지불해야합니다.
  • 이 선납은 취소의 경우 환불되지 않습니다.
  • 고객의 예약은 프렌들리 렌탈스 측에서 고객이 지불한 선불금을 받고 고객이 예약 확인 이메일을 받기 전 까지 완료되지 않습니다.
  • 이 예약 확인 이메일에는 아파트 주소, 연락처, 잔금 지불 금액, 그리고 다른 도착 및 출발 지시사항 등이 기재되어 있습니다.
  • 고객은 도착 후에 남은 임대료 잔금과 물품 파손을 우려한 보증금을 지불해야 합니다.  지불수단은 고객의 예약 확인 이메일에 자세하게 나와있습니다.

Payment details

  • Please, check your payment conditions in the confirmation email.
  • Under certain circumstances, payment can also be made via bank transfer provided that:
    • the corresponding net amount is received in our bank account 1 week prior to arrival (bank charges are paid for by the guest)
    • we have confirmed reception of such amount in writing
  • Some Villas require a specific payment schedule. Please consult your apartment description for more details.

City Tax

    리스본 도시세는 2인/1박당 1€, 최대 7박까지 부과됩니다. 요금에 도시세는 불포함입니다. 만 14세 미만은 면제대상입니다.

Cancellation Policy

  • 모든 예약 취소나 변경은 이메일이나 팩스를 통해서 이루어져야 합니다. 전화통화를 통한 예약 취소나 변경은 불가능합니다.
  • 선결제는 취소시 환불되지 않습니다.
  • 체크인 48 시간 (현지 시간 오후 15:00) 또는 노 - 쇼 (No-Show) 행사를 취소하면 총 예약 금액이 청구됩니다.
  • 아파트나 숙박 날짜를 바꿀 시에는, 새로운 예약으로 간주되어 표준 예약 절차를 따르게 됩니다.

Damage deposit

    Upon arrival guests will be asked to provide a damage deposit as well as a valid credit card number as guarantee for the apartment and its content for any damages caused.Please note that by accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree that any damages caused by you or your accompanying party will be deducted from your damage deposit, and that you will also be liable for any excess damages. Depending on the apartment, a damage deposit ranging from 200-500 euro will be requested upon arrival. This damage deposit should be paid in cash or by credit card. Please see your confirmation email to see which method of payment is required.
    • Cash. All damage deposits paid in cash will be refunded in full at check-out, and following an inspection of the apartment for any damages.
    • Credit card: All deposits paid with a credit card will be refunded to that same card used for payment made, between 4 to 7 days following departure into the apartment, and after inspection for damages.

Arrival and Departure

    Preparation for arrival
    • Please ensure that you provide us with your correct arrival time so that we can plan your check-in and keep your contact person informed of any changes or delays.
    • Your contact person will have your contact number and email in the event that we need to contact you with regards to your arrival time. You can send this information via email to info@friendlyrentals.com, or call on (+34) 93 268 80 51.
    • Your confirmation email clearly states where you can find your contact person on the day of your arrival.
    Arrival day
    • You should call your contact person when you arrive at the airport (or 1 hour prior to arriving at your destination city in car) and they will inform you if you should make your way:
      • To our office, where our check-in department will receive you and give you further check-in instructions, keys, and the address of your apartment.
      • To the apartment, where our check-in agent will receive you and give you the keys, as well as further apartment information
    • The apartment will be available as of 15:00h, however we will always try to accommodate clients arriving early if we possibly can. It is extremely important that we have your correct arrival time. You will be obliged to wait for your contact person and your check-in will be delayed if we do not have this information.
    • Please remember that check-in is between 15.00h and 02.00h. If you are arriving after 21.00h, there is a late check-in fee of 30€.

Your departure from the apartment

  • You should leave the apartment before or at 11:00. Leaving after 11:00 without prior authorisation will be penalised.
  • If you need to leave the apartment at a later time, please ask if this is possible at check-in. We will try to meet your request if we do not have an early arrival the following day. If it is possible, you may stay in the apartment until 18:00 but this will be subject to an additional charge of 50% of the apartment rental price per night. Leaving any time after 18:00 will entail an additional charge corresponding to the full rental price per night of the apartment.
  • On the day of your departure you should leave the apartment clean and tidy with all waste correctly disposed of. Please leave the keys on the table and close the door behind you after making sure that you have all your personal belongings with you and after ensuring that the main door to the building is not locked with a key.
  • We can book a taxi prior to your departure if you request one in advance.

Apartment cleaning

  • The apartment will have been cleaned prior to guests arrival.
  • Before leaving, the client is obliged to leave the apartment in perfect conditions, i.e. all waste should be correctly disposed of and the apartment tidied. If not, there will be an additional cleaning charge.

Number and identity of guests

  • The client should inform Friendly Rentals of the number of guests in the booking.
  • Only those persons indicated in the booking made by the client may enter the apartment, unless an alternative agreement has been reached with Friendly Rentals.
  • The number of clients using the apartment should not exceed the number assigned to each apartment, except for in the case of infants under the age of four.
  • Pets are not allowed unless permission has been specifically granted.
  • Should the client fail to comply with any of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, Friendly Rentals reserves the right to ask the client to leave the apartment, and the client in question can not request any form of compensation.

Conduct in apartments

  • Loud music and parties are strictly prohibited. Guests in a Friendly Rentals apartment should be aware that if loud music is played, or a party is held, and the neighbours complain and/or police are called, you may be immediately removed from the apartment regardless of the time, day or night.
  • Noise regulations and respect for other residents between 22:00 and 10.00. We would appreciate your full cooperation in this matter and we hope you understand that these rules are necessary, as our apartments are located in residential buildings with people that have to get up early and go to work. The quiet time in the evening for the neighbours should therefore be respected.
  • The client, on signing the contract at check-in agrees to behave responsibly and correctly on behalf of their accompanying party as well as themselves. If this person, or any of the accompanying party behaves in an unsuitable and incorrect manner, Friendly Rentals reserves the right to ask the person and their accompanying party to leave the apartment. Furthermore, from that moment on they will have no right to future claims or any form of compensation. Finally, the client will lose all payments made including the apartment rental and the deposit..
  • May we remind you that on booking an apartment with Friendly Rentals you automatically accept our Terms and Conditions, which we expect you to comply with. You will also have to sign these Terms and Conditions at check-in on the day of your arrival.


  • Neither Friendly Rentals nor the owner will be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused to the apartment as consequence of use by the client. This includes damages, insurance, loss due to fire, theft, and misconduct.
  • In the event that the client fails to comply with the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, Friendly Rentals reserves the right to ask the client to leave the apartment, and the client in question can not request any form of compensation.

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