Plaza de España

At the end of Gran Via you will find Plaza Espana. Plaza Espana is surrounded by serveral building that once held the record for the tallest building, both here in Madrid and also in Europe. Two such buildings are Tower of Madrid and the Spain Building, and they represent examples of 1950 arcatecture. The skyscrapers of Plaza Espana also share a setting with more traditional and historic monuments of Madrid. Here you will find sculptures that pay homage to Cervantes by representing the classic personages of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza. You will find the sculptures beautifully nestled among the enormous gardens of the Plaza. Plaza Espana is one the largest plazas in the city and is a great example of peaceful multiculturalism.

Plaza Espana borders West Park from Paseo de Moret and goes as far as Rosales Street. This enormous park is one of the largest green areas in the city. Close to the Plaza Espana you will find the Debot Temple. This Egyptian temple was a gift from Egypt and was provided to thank Spain for their contribution in building the Assuan Dam. The temple was transferred stone by stone to Spain, from Eygpt. From this beautiful sanctuary you can witness some of the best views in the city, which incompasses the royal palace, the Campo del Moro and ends at the Manzanares River. A few meters from here you can have a interesting and colourful aerial view of the city by taking the old cable car. In the end of Rosales Street you will find large brick buildings that make up some of the most expensive residential areas when measured by cost per square meter.

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Plaza de España

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