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Palacio Real

Boarded by the calle Bailen, the ´cuesta de San Vincente`, calle Mayor and Plaza de Opera, filled within this area emblematic sites that are a must see such as the Palacio de Oriente (Oriental Palace), Palacio Real (Royal Palace), Jardines de Sabatini(Gardens of Sabatini), Catedral de la Almudena (Cathedral of the Almudena) or the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre.)

The Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real) was built in the eighteenth century, by order of Felipe V, on an ancient site of the old Alcazar, which before was a Muslim castle. Located with a privileged outlook, that offers views over the mountains of Madrid. Its construction was completed in 1764. Sabatini made the southeast wing and the big staircase of honour. The area is square with a large central courtyard. In the past the kings resided permanently at the palace, but now only carry out formal activities and events of protocol. It is an impressive building that provides guided tours for visitors to enjoy the magnificent estate lined with tapestries and antique furniture and objects of great value received by the royalty over the years, as well as getting a glimpse of paintings of Velazquez, Goya, Rubens, El Greco and Caravaggio.

The Palace is located next to the Oriental Palace (Plaza de Oriente,) a rectangular plaza with of monumental sense of character. One of its main drivers was the king Joseph I, who at the time ordered the demolition of medieval houses which were located on its site.

At the other end of the square is the Royal Theater (Teatro Real) that is the opera house of Madrid and is considered one of the most important in Spain.

In this area there are many gorgeous streets full of charm, delicious restaurants and famous bars of the city. For those interested in the typical cuisine of Madrid a stop needs to be made at the restaurant La Bola, in the street calle de la Bola, founded in 1870 its a classic tavern in Madrid that has the famous traditional Madrid stew served in a ceramic clay pot. They also serve the most typical dishes such as tripe, ´lengua estofada`, suckling lamb shoulder or apple fritters. Maintaining the décor of the olden days and where you can also enjoy tapas based on rations and castizos dishes this is authentic Madrid as its best.

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