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Argüelles and Moncloa are very central areas, with high category and beautiful residential buildings belonging mostly to the 50`s era. The area is a mix between the fast paced, bustling historic center and the quiet tranquility of a residential neighborhood. The bustling Arguelles zone is busier than Moncloa due to being enclosed by a number of very popular commercial streets such as calle Alberto Aguilera and calle Princesa, where you can find some of the best and most prestigious shopping centers and an entire building of ´del Corte Ingles` between them, plus dozens of clothing stores, shoes and accessories.

The Plaza de los cubos, in calle Princesa, is a popular entertainment centre, filled with cinemas and specialized rooms in which both the locals and their relatives come to watch movies in one of the few areas of the city where films are showed in their original version.

Around these main avenues are thousands of secondary streets filled with antique businesses alongside the more modern; bars, shops and restaurants, which without doubt characterise the everyday life of this area. Among the alleys and small urban squares there are large green spaces like the ´Parque del Oeste` one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid, with a preserved natural wilderness and the biggest in the city, where in addition to being able to enjoy long walks, you can get a cable car ride overlooking the Manzanares River. The best part about this area is its authenticity, by simply walking through the neighbourhood you will discover the most authentic values of Madrid, small and charming places to shop, not just special clothing, but music or art specialist also.

It is known for being an area where good food can be found at reasonable prices. Especially recommended are snacks found strolling along the calle limòn, or the ´Plaza de las descalzas` and an obligatory visit of the Cuartel de Conde Duque, where many of the concerts and cultural events of the city are held.

Argüelles is always well connected, intersected with any part of the city by metro and in general all modes of transport. An area full of life, and definitely one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Madrid that is sure to delight any visitor.

The most residential and expensive part of the area are the homes along the calle del pintor Rosales. Spacious and quality apartments which often have tremendous views of the ´Parque del Oeste` make up one of the most expensive residential zones in Madrid’s real estate market.

The Moncloa area is a continuation of Arguelles, characterized by its close proximity to the ´Universitaria de la Complutense´ and therefore with a strong sense of student life and equally surrounded by green areas including ´Parque del Oeste` as mentioned. There are also long Avenues with many bars and restaurants along the large sidewalks like the calle San Francisco de Sales or Cea Bermúdez with terraces when good weather starts and where you can enjoy snacks and drinks.

One of its most important buildings is the interchange of Moncloa which houses intercity bus lines that come from other cities and metro line 3.

Also well known is the mirador de Moncloa, a high platform supported by a large column in the form of a mushroom, from where the cities traffic is controlled and sightseeing is accepted on days as signed.

From the Plaza de Cristo Rey heading out to the arco del triunfo, towards the highway of La Coruña (N – II) where there is a quick access to the M-30 and M-40, you will find the Palacio de la Moncloa, head office of Spains central Government.

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