Spend Holy Week in Seville

There’s no better place to experience Holy Week at its most impressive than Seville! It’s possibly the top city in Spain for celebrating Easter to the full, with streets thronged with thrilling processions of beautiful floats depicting religious scenes borne aloft and carried by costaleros to the sound of bugles and drums. Every neighbourhood in the city is filled with an amazing atmosphere. Don’t wait: book your apartment in Seville for your Easter holiday now!

Holy Week in Seville

Apartments in Seville for you to enjoy your Easter getaway

If you’re thinking of going to Seville for Easter, make sure you book ahead. Holy Week is a very popular time and accommodation soon fills up. Friendly Rentals is a market leader in holiday apartments and we can recommend the best areas for enjoying the many Easter activities to the full.

We offer fully equipped apartments at competitive prices in unbeatable locations in the centre of Seville. They’re a great option if you’re eager to catch all the major Holy Week events. Check them out and book your accommodation in Seville before it all goes.

Holy Week in Seville

A Fiesta of International Tourist Interest

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Holy Week in Seville, officially declared a Fiesta of International Tourist Interest. Watching the religious processions firsthand will take your breath away.

Most processions take place between Palm Sunday and Easter Day. They usually start in the evening and end in the early hours of the morning. The different Brotherhoods in the city bear their religious floats aloft and carry them through the streets, intermingling with the hooded nazarenos. Religious worshippers give themselves over to their emotions, and incense and passion sweep through the streets and squares.

Each Brotherhood usually carries between one and three religious floats, with the images of Jesus Christ and Our Lady of Sorrows as the commonest scenes. But who leads the procession? The Head of each Brotherhood marks out the rhythm for the float bearers to follow with hammer blows. Their intense concentration and tremendous effect has to be seen to be believed. You should also try to hear some live saetas, a revered form of Spanish religious song dedicated to the religious images as they pass by.

Semana Santa Sevilla

Which is the best area to watch the processions? The city centre is the scene of one of the most dramatic moments in Holy Week, when the different Brotherhoods ask the General Council of Brotherhoods of Seville for permission to proceed along the official route to the cathedral. This route runs from the Plaza de la Campana, along the Avenida de la Constitución and Calle Sierpes to the cathedral. This is quite a busy area, though, so if it’s your first Easter in Seville, you might be better off heading for some of the wider streets.

To enjoy the experience to the full, we recommend following one of the Brotherhoods, watching how they manoeuvre through the streets to the beat of drums and saetas.

Plan your Easter holiday now and take your pick of the top apartments in Seville at the best price. Take the opportunity to experience this unique Holy Week for yourself!

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