Hygiene and disinfection protocols to prevent the spread of covid-19

The safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees is of paramount importance to Friendly Rentals. For this reason we have updated our cleaning, hygiene and disinfection protocols, taking every measure possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Hygiene and cleaning protocols in our apartments

● After every check-out, the whole apartment will be aired, cleaned and disinfected. 

● All the products we use are recommended by experts and are the most effective disinfectants and biocides on the market. 

● During the whole process, we pay special attention to the surfaces and objects that are most used or touched by guests and employees: light switches, door handles, remote controls, taps, bells, hangers, locks, keys ... 

● We have removed any decorative textiles, such as cushion, throws etc in order to comply with the protocols in place. 

● Textiles/linens for personal use, such as towels and bed linens are washed at 60ºC on a special programme that lasts longer. 

● For textiles such as rugs, sofás and curtains we use a disinfectant spray which is listed in the products approved by the Government of Spain. 

● All our pillows have waterproof covers to protect them and to avoid possible sources of infection 

● All our dryers and their filters are cleaned after every check-out 

● All our cleaning staff wear disposable masks and gloves. Hands must be washed when entering an apartment and after cleaning. 

● Our cleaning and maintenance staff will not service any apartment while there are guests inside, unless there is a justifiable reason. 

● Should a case of COVID-19 be detected in any of our apartments, a disinfection and sterilization process will be followed with a specialized company in order to guarantee the safety of our guests and employees. 

● Clients have free 24-hour access, via video call, to a doctor if they suspect they may have symptoms of COVID-19.

Hygiene and cleaning protocols in our offices

● Our offices are cleaned and disinfected twice a day, paying special attention to the surfaces with the most contact and using specific disinfecting products. 

● All our staff at Friendly Rentals have had training on the protocols for the prevention of COVID-19 In both our offices we have one door for entry and a different door to exit 

● All our offices have protective screens to ensure there is no contact between guests and staff Hand sanitizer is available for guests and staff at the entrance of our offices. 

● A sealed “protection kit” containing individual hand sanitizer sachet and a surgical mask is given to every guest on arrival.

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Protocols during check-in

● In order to ensure social distancing, only ONE PERSON per group/family will be allowed in to our offices at any given time. 

● Our offices have signs in order to ensure adequate distancing. 

● The check-in process in the office is done through tablets that are properly disinfected after each use to avoid contact with office supplies. 

● All our apartment keys are disinfected daily. We also have a sterilizing box where we disinfect the keys before giving them to our guests. 

● The security deposit for apartments in Seville and Barcelona has been eliminated in order to avoid any cash transactions. 

● We are adopting a fast check-in process to avoid administrative tasks and manual procedures 

● Some of our apartments already have electronic locks and therefore have direct check-in which means they can be accessed directly without having to come to our offices.


Personal recommendations to follow

Following the regulations and recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of Spain, during your stay you should take into account the following:

● The use of surgical/medical masks is mandatory throughout Spain. You should wear one whenever you are on the street, on public transport or in public closed spaces and when social distancing of 2 meters cannot be guaranteed. 

● Social distancing must be adhered to at all times.

● Please wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If this is not possible please use hand sanitizer.

● If you need to cough or sneeze, you should cover your nose and mouth with the inside of your elbow or with a dispensable tissue.

● Wherever possible avoid using the elevators

● Access to the communal areas of our buildings, such as swimming pools, is restricted. The Friendly team will inform you about the conditions/restrictions of your particular apartment.

● If you feel unwell and you present symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath or have a fever, please stay in your apartment and call 112.

Rest assured that your stay in our apartments will be peaceful and safe! Get ready to have the best holiday!!!!

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