The 5 best places to cool down with a Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic, the most popular drink in Barcelona

gin tonic BarcelonaIt’s refreshing, it’s in fashion and it’s a gin based cocktail, the spirit invented by the Dutch and perfected by the British (hurrah!), that has found its perfect match in tonic water. This refreshing elixir was invented by the British East India Company to combat tropical fevers in the colonies. Today, it takes centre stage in any bar and has once again become the talk of the town thanks to the new Premium gins that are revolutionising the market. Because, for the consumer it’s not just about mixing gin, tonic and a slice of lemon.

Gin and Tonic has become an authentic gourmet product and we can currently choose amongst more than 30 types of premium category gin. Combined with sublime tonics it goes beyond the status of you’re average drink and has been completed with eccentric ingredients such as cucumber, redcurrants, blackberries, apple, lime, rose petals, citron leaves and vanilla pods, etc.

In Spain, one of the world’s main consumers of gin, this cocktail is, without any doubt, one of the most requested drinks during the summer. And in a cosmopolitan city bound by the latest trends such as is the case for Barcelona, bars offering a wide range of Gin and Tonics to beat the heat during the summer evenings can only be expected. Here is a little guide to the currently most “in” bars in the Catalan capital.

The best gin tonic in Barcelona

gin tonic Barcelona ElephantaELEPHANTA: During the day it’s a quiet and relaxed tearoom, however by nights it’s a regular gin research centre. 36 different brands of gin and all kinds of tonics are on offer allowing customers to find the perfect Gin and Tonic every time. The tireless owners are not afraid of experimenting and coming up with new cocktails, winning the loyalty of new customers, but without losing the traditional feel of the bar. Where: 37, Calle Torrent d’en Vidalet, Gracia. Price: Cocktail from 6 to 12 euro.

Pesca Salada Bar BarcelonaPESCA SALADA: This was the first bar to reintroduce the pleasure of a good Gin and Tonic to the locals in the city. With minimal decoration and featuring dioramas with fish scales on the roof in a sea-inspired atmosphere, this picturesque bar offers an eccentric selection of cocktails and will definitely surprise you with the large variety of gins that it has. It also offers interesting seafood based dishes. Where: 32, Calle Cera, el Raval. Price: Cocktail 6 euro.

xix bar barcelonaXIX: Probably the first bar in the city to rub the flesh of a lemon with pincers onto the tip of the glass, something which has now become very typical here in Barcelona and that is called a twist. Faithful to its origins, the bar is dedicated to Gin and Tonics, offering more than 100 different bottles of gins. However, their strength lies in not their passion for fruit but for serving the classic Ruffles gin with Schweppes. Where: 19, Calle Rocafort, Poble Sec. Price: House Gin and Tonic 8 euro, premium version 12 euro.

Cassette Bar Gin TonicCASSETTE BAR: This small and friendly bar, that will have been around for two years now, has a nostalgic 80’s look and a very informal atmosphere. Thanks to simply word of mouth, it has become one of the most popular bars in the Ciutadella district. The credit goes to the Gin and Tonics prepared with loving care by the owners of the bar, the free tapas served before 10:30pm and the DJ sessions at the weekends. Where: 11, Calle l’Est, El Raval. Price: Gin and Tonic from 6 to 9 euro.

Bobby Gin, Gint Tonic BarcelonaBOBBY GIN: It emerged on the scene in Gracia only two months ago and is already all the rage in the district. To guarantee the quality and originality of the cocktails, the owner has hired barman Alberto Pizarro, winner of World Class, the world cocktail championships. Bobby Gin promises to become a leading cocktail bar, avoiding the classic styles and offering a more contemporary atmosphere. We also advise that you try the tapas. Where: 47, Calle Giner, Gracia. Price: Gin and Tonic 7 euro.

mejores gin tonic de barcelonaAnd if you fancy trying it at home, grab your cocktail maker and follow this basic advice. Cold is a Gin and Tonic’s best friend therefore, for the perfect cocktail, don’t forget to put the glass in the freezer before starting to prepare the mixer and to give it a cool touch, serve it a balloon glass instead of the usual boring tube glass. And remember, a good Gin and Tonic should have a strong, fresh but slightly bitter flavour with bubbles. Have you ever tried it with lychee, rose petals, liquorice or cinnamon? Tantalise your taste buds and cool down during the hot summer evenings with the most popular drink of the moment. Cheers!

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User Comments:

  • Joe
    07 June 2013
    I love Cassette bar and Pesca Salada is a must for anyone visiting Barcelona (don't forget to use their bathroom, it's a feat!). But I would love to recommend Ultramarinos as well: http://www. bcnmes. com/shortlist/ultramarinos-barcelona-gin-bar/
  • Manu
    11 September 2013
    Thak you Joe!! Realy the best Gin&Tonic of Barcelona. . ULTRAMARINOS BAR. . . this is the Best!! Calle Sant Pau, 126. . . Djs. . Live Destilations!!!! Very good ambient!! Thank youuuu. . .

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