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Venice is a city filled with traditions, art and culture, but at the same time like the rest of Northern Italy, fashion is part of its culture. For this reason Venice is a paradise for shopping lovers! If you go hanging around the labyrinth of calli, bridges and campielli you will discover special shops and workshops: jewels and old prints, silverware and old crystals, unique and unforgettable accessories.

Masks, needle–laces from Burano, carnival gadgets, glass products, are the best souvenirs you can buy in Venice, choosing from the several opportunities offered by the city. If you prefer go shopping around the fashionable Venetian ateliers, you will surely have an overwhelming amount of options walking around the streets of Mercerie or along “Calle Larga XXII Marzo”.

Eating in Venice

Venetian cuisine has a centuries-long history, and it is significantly different from the other cuisines of North Italy as well as the neighbouring Austria and Slavic countries, despite having something in common with all these. A city like Venice, which has always maintained contacts both with the inland and with diverse and faraway countries, presents in its culinary tradition a variety of dishes linked to the different origins of ingredients.  A trip to Venice can be quite a 'palatable' experience as well as a visual treat. History, art and culture should always inspire visitor’s steps, so here is our tip to avoid tourist traps: You just have to eat as Venetians do!

I Bacari - The Bacaro is a picturesque typical Venetian, with local offers delicious snacks and a multitude of local wines at very reasonable prices. A good solution, and certainly convenient, is the “bacaro”, a picturesque typical Venetian tavern, where you can eat tasty appetizers (cicheti) usually taken before dinner with a glass of wine at a reasonable price, or with the typical Venetian aperitif , “Spritz”.  They are scattered all over the city and you can have an authentic and delicious meal or an evening aperitif, being immersed in the local culture.  (Venice Spritz is certainly the aperitif par excellence. It consists of 1/3 white wine, 1/3 sparkling mineral water – or soda – and 1/3 moderately alcoholic liqueur, sweet or bitter. Then it is decorated with a lemon skin or a green olive. The word Spritz dates back to the Austrian domination of Venice).

Le Osterie - The osterias in Venice are a great choice for the wide range of traditional dishes at good price. The atmosphere is always friendly.

Restaurants - In Venice restaurants could be a little expensive but you can have excellent food if you try to escape from tourist traps.

Here below a short selection of “bacari”, “osterie” and restaurants:
  • Cantina Do Spade, Sestiere San Polo 860
    tel 041 5210 583.
  • Cantina Do Mari, San Polo 429, Venezia
    tel +39 041 522 5401
  • Cantinone Storico, Fondamenta Bragadin, Venezia, close to S. Trovaso Church
    tel +39 041 523 9577.
  • Osteria Ca D’Oro (La Vedova), Calle del Pistor lungo Strada Nuova
    tel +39 041 528 5324
  • Osteria al Sacro e Profano, Sestiere San Polo 502, Venezia
    tel: +39 0415237924
  • Ristorante Oniga, Campo San Barnaba, Dorsoduro 2852, Venezia
    tel +39 041 522 4410
  • Ristorante La Bitta, Calle Lunga de San Barnaba 2753a, Dorsoduro
    tel +39 041 523 0531
  • L’Anice Stellato, Fondamenta della Sensa, 3272 , Cannaregio
    tel +39 041 720 744
  • Ai 40 Ladroni, Fondamenta della Sensa, 3253, Cannaregio
    tel +39 041 715736
  • Vecio Fritolin, Calle della Regina, Sestiere Santa Croce, 2262
    tel +39 041 522 2881
  • Ai Tre Spiedi, Canneregio 5906 Salizzada San Cazian
    tel +39 041-520-8035
  • Al Covo, Castello, Campiello della Pescheria Arsenale, Castello/Riva Degli Schiavoni
    tel +39 041-522-3812
  • Le Bistrot de Venise ,San Marco 4587 , Calle dei Fabbri
    tel +39 041 523 6651
  • Antica Sacrestia, Castello Calle della Sacrestia 4442
    tel +39 - 041 5230749
  • Al Giardinetto da Severino, Castello Ruga Giuffa
    tel +39 - 041 5285332
  • Locanda Cipriani, Piazza Santa Fosca 29, Torcello
    tel. +39 - 041 730150.
  • Harry’s Bar, Calle Vallaresso 1323
    tel + 39 - 041 528 5777
  • Club 947, Sestiere Castello,4338
  • Piccolo Mondo (Discobar), Sestiere Dorsoduro 1056/
  • Blues Cafè, Dorsoduro 3778
  • Chiodo Fisso, Sestiere San Polo 2465
  • Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco
  • El Chioschetto, Sestiere Dorsoduro 1406
  • Pasticceria Toniolo, Sestiere Dorsoduro 3764

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