Venice - For Children

Venice is a popular destination for families and is easily a tourist attraction where kids can enjoy a lot of their time. The city represents for children a sort of wonderland, full of incredible surprises. In Venice, there are no cars, people can stroll on foot and for this reasons even the younger children can run undisturbed through Venetian streets and squares. The grid of streets winding through the city will give children the impression of being in a large maze.
Kids will feel like they are going back in time with all of the old monuments and galleries but do make sure you leave time for some fun and some free play as well. While parents are admiring the architecture in St Mark's Square, be sure the kids have enough breadcrumbs to feed the hundreds of pigeons this square is known for. Kids will also enjoy the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, as there is lots of space to run around outside, and “Parco delle Rimembranze” is probably the best-suited park for children in Venice and a great place to head for a picnic or a stroll.
On rainy days, visit some of the museums this historic city has to offer, such as the Naval Museum or the Museum of Natural History. A trip to the nearby island of Murano is also a must, where children will be mesmerized by the glass blowers and their incredible creations.

For children

Natural History Museum
Not to be missed the dinosaur hall and the aquarium of the “tegnuè” which recreates the protected marine area around Venetian lagoon and Chioggia. In the courtyard of the Fondaco dei Turchi (old Turkish storehouse), the site of the museum, there is a restored and still working water well where children may learn the techniques used by the engineers of the Serenissima for water supply in a city “on water, but without water”.

Naval Museum
With a rich and fascinating maritime history, Venice's Naval Museum is a great place for kids to explore. Gondola-making is also demonstrated.

The Venetian Island of Murano makes for a great trip for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy watching the local art of glass-blowing and be amazed by the products that are created. The Museo Vetrario is another great place to admire.

Rowing lessons for kids
This is one of one of the great 'undiscovered' activities in Venice which offers to tourists the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of Venetian unique rowing style, standing up and facing forward.

The beach

The “Lido di Venezia” is one of the Venetians’ favorite destinations during summer time. Its beaches are extremely charming and the seabed forms a gentle slope that allows even the smallest children to bathe safely, also thanks to the protection afforded by the several breakwaters that extend in front of each bathing establishment.
Several rows of tidily ordered and numbered huts are distinguished by their shape and color according to the bathing establishment they belong to. For whoever wants to enjoy the sun and the sea in total relaxation the island also offers free beaches, such as the sandy dunes at San Nicolò and Alberoni, the Murazzi rocks and the Bluemoon beach. The Alberoni beach is a WWF protected sanctuary and is extremely striking thanks to its vastness and semi-wild character.

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