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These are the principal museums you must visit in Cadiz. For further information contact the Tourism local offices.


    The NMAC Foundation – Contemporary Art
    Situated in a rural setting, far from urban centres, the Foundation invites artists from all corners of the world to undertake site-specific projects in the form of installations, sculptures, photography, video-painting, performances and architectural projects within nature.                   +34 956 45 51 34

    The Rafael Alberti Museum Foundation
    Rafael Alberti Foundation is located in El Puerto de Santa María, in a white and light-filled house of three floors, in a simple and typically Andalusian construction in which the poet lived as a child.                           +34 956 85 07 11

    Museum of Equestrian Arts – Jerez de la Frontera
    Museum of equestrian arts and carriages and horse riding school.                          +34 956 31 96 35

    Tavira Tower– Cádiz
    Torre Tavira, named for its original owner, stands as the tallest remaining watchtower. It has a “cámara oscura” a room that uses the principal of the pinhole camera (and a specially-prepared convex lens) to project panoramic views of the Old City onto a concave disc.                          +34 956 21 29 10

    Archaeological museum  Jerez     
    The materials are mainly from the Jerez area.
    On the ground floor, there are Paleolithic and Neolithic remains.
    On the first floor, there are collections dating from the Copper Age -with an amazing Greek helmet from the 7th century B.C.- and remains from the Roman Visigothic age.
    The second floor displays Muslim and Low Medieval remains    +34 956 14 95 60

    Roman Theatre Cadiz                     
    It was built by order of Luciano Balbo "the Younger" in the 1st century BC, and is the second largest in the Roman world, surpassed only by the Theater of Pompey in Rome.
    +34 956 26 47 34

    Roman ancient town of Baelo Claudia     
    Baelo Claudia is the name of an ancient Roman town, located 22 km outside of Tarifa, near the village of Bolonia.
    +34 956 68 85 30

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