In the cities of Cadiz, and Jerez, the best thing is to move by foot, in the centre and on the ancient part. In other villages, the best thing is to go by car, renting it in the airports or train stations and visiting the different interesting places. In Cadiz, there is only an airport, the airport of Jerez, fifteen minutes from the city. There are also the nearby airports of Seville and Gibraltar.


    Jerez de la Frontera airport
    Sevilla airport
    Gibraltar airport


    There are no train connections to move among the different Cadiz villages. By train you can go from Cadiz direct to Jerez, Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona.
    For further information contact:       Tel: 902 240 202


    Connected with the principal villages in Cadiz, travelling by bus in Spain is a good option. The tickets are cheap and the buses very comfortable. There are also buses from the airports to the nearest cities.

    Transportes Comes              Tel: 902 199 208 | 956 807 248
    Secorbus                                    Tel: 902 229 292
    Aeropuerto de Jerez                 Tel: 902 450 550
    Transportes Los Amarillos                                            Tel: 956 290 800

Maritime Transport

    You can go from Cadiz to the Canary Islands by rapid ferry in 24 hours. The destinations are Las Palmas, Tenerife and Lanzarote. From Algeciras you can go to Ceuta, Melilla, and to Tangier, in Morocco.

    Transmediterránea   Cádiz – Islas Canarias
    902 454 645     

     FRS Ferrys                Tarifa - Tánger
     956 681 830     

Car rentals

    The principal companies are:
    Avis                 Tel: 902 180 854           
    Hertz               Tel : 917 337 970          
    Pepecar         Tel : 807 414 243          

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