Cádiz - For children

Cadiz has a wide selection of attractions for children and people of all ages.

For children

    Horse Riding
    There are numerous riding schools, with courses of several days, or weeks.

    Riding club Pinares y Mar       
    Conil de la Frontera                              Tel: 956 443 060

    Riding club La Patiña                           Tel: 956 535 797
    Chiclana de la Frontera

    Riding club La Pañoleta            
    El Puerto de Sta. María                         Tel: 956 854 965

    Riding club  2002                        
    Jerez de la Frontera                               Tel: 956 319 598

    Hurricane Riding club             
    Tarifa                                                      Tel: 956 689 092

    This sport is ideal for the small ones from 5 or 6 years. There are some schools offering courses. See general information.

    In a shop-bar-restaurant called El Levante, in Caños de Meca, every Saturday at 11.00 am, from June until Octobre, a qualified teacher gives yoga for the children.
    For further information call:
    Tel : 956 437 199

    Nobody imagines that in the Strait of Gibraltar coexist numerous aquatic mammals: whales, cachalots, dolphins and killer whales. This is a magic adventure for the children.
    For more information visit:

    Roman Ruins
    The archaeological Roman city of Baelo Claudia in Bolonia, (Tarifa), is a special place to go with the children, is not a long walk and there is a tourist guide explaining every stay. The children love it!!

    Botanic Garden and Genoves Park in Cadiz
    This wonderful park is between the Beach of La Caleta  and the entry to the Plaza of the Mentidero in Cadiz. Is a well-tended park displaying a wide range of plants and trees from particular parts of the world. The children will love the “gruta”, a cave with a waterfall where ducks and geese.

    Aqualand Cadiz
    Acquatic park, with numerous swimming pools and winding water slides,. A miniature water park for children, fitted with soft lanes, slides, maze, plus water mushrooms and geysers.

    Farm Schools
    They offer workshops for the kids in a real farm.
    Granja escuela “Campano”          Tel: 956 538 126
    Granja Escuela “La Parra”                     Tel: 609 630 592

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