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Sitges has always been a place that has captivated artists, tourists and, in general, visitors from all around the world. For many, the secret lies in its light and almost 300 sunny days a year, as confirmed by the painters, sculptors and writers who made this town their home during the late 19th century.

The fact is that nature has indeed been extremely generous to us and Sitges is also privileged to be located on the Mediterranean coast at the very foot of the Garraf Massif. Culturally speaking, its legacy is extraordinary; here art is alive and traditions are upheld with a modern outlook. Sitges has preserved important medieval references as well as others from the old fishing and farming town it once was, offering visitors a valuable architectural heritage. Moreover, the town enjoys a very cosmopolitan character thanks to its population’s heterogeneity, with residents of more than 70 different nationalities living together side by side.

But now it’s time to look to the future, while never forgetting our roots, and 21st century Sitges is based on innovation and creativity. Sitges wishes to continue to be an attractive, seductive town, and to achieve this, we are working in three intertwining areas: tourism, creativity and art.


Location: an outstanding location betwen the sea and the mountains

Sitges, situated just south of Barcelona, belongs to the Garraf region and is surrounded by sea and mountains, along 18 km of Mediterranean coast, most of which is made up of beaches. Its Passeig Marítim, or seafront Esplanade, is more than 3 km long, from the Baluard (Bastion), a spectacular natural viewpoint, to the Terramar residential area.

Sitges has a surface area of 43.7 km2, stands at an altitude of 10 meters and lies 35 kilometers south of Barcelona, which is in easy reach by highway, motorway and train. The Barcelona Prat International Airport is just 15 km away.

Sitges’ situation at the southern edge of the Garraf Massif, a calcareous rock mountain range that constitutes a natural barrier, blocks the cold northern winds. This exceptional location makes it possible for the town to enjoy its very own microclimate, with mild summers and winters, an average temperature of 18.7ºC (65.7ºF) and more that 300 sunny days a year.


Beaches: much more th an sun, sea and sand

Visiting the Garraf Nature Reserve is a magnificent opportunity to enjoy an exotic, rocky landscape with numerous subterranean cavities formed by the water’s action on the calcareous stone, furrowed by dry gullies embedded in this rocky area.

Undoubtedly one of Sitges’ main attractions are its beaches, where getting in touch with nature while mixing with the locals allows you to get to know the Sitgetans’ character a little better.

A total of 17 beaches stretch out along Sitges’ coast, each with its own personality and providing all the services needed to offer maximum comfort. The unique character of each beach gives them completely different atmospheres.


Leisure: An Ideal Setting for Active Tourism

Sitges and the Garraf region are an ideal setting for active tourism, because the sea and the mountains are the best environment for nautical and adventure activities, to discover nature and practice all different types of sports.

Sea-related activities can be done in Sitges thanks to its 17 beaches and its marinas: Aiguadolç, Garraf and Port Ginesta, the largest in Catalonia. Added to this are all the imaginative and exciting activities proposed by the Sitges Active Tourism Club. This group of specialized companies and institutions organize trekking, environmental and educational itineraries plus thematic routes around the Garraf Nature Reserve. The Reserve’s interpretation center also offers different activities to get acquainted with the area, including some designed for the handicapped.

But Sitges is also deservedly famous for its nighttime leisure, with its paradigmatic May First Street, better known as Sin Street. And many bars, pubs and discos where you can choose the type of music you like the most.



Sitges celebrates its traditional festivals intensely and with a very high level of local participation. It also invites visitors to participate and experience them like other Sitgetans.

December-January: Diverse Christmas Activities
January 5th, Three Kings’ Parade
January 11th: 26th Sitges Half Marathon
February 19th to 25th: Carnival. Parades February 22nd and 24th
March 8th: 51st Barcelona - Sitges Vintage Car Rally  
March 12th-15th: Patchwork Fair
March15th: 6th Sitges Stock Fair
March 21st and 22nd: 16th Sitges Art Fair  
April 10th to 13th: Easter
April 23rd: Sant Jordi (Saint George). Book And Rose Festival
April 30th to May 3rd, Sitges Swing Festival
June 6th, Sitges Preludi ’09. Calima and Macaco in concert
June to August: 6th Sitges “Concerts de Mitjanit” (Midnight Concerts) International Music Festival
June 12th to 21st: 70th National Carnation Exhibition and 19th Bonsai Exhibition
June 14th: Corpus Christi Festival. 57th Floral Carpet Competition
July and August: Sitges Music Festival - Joventuts Musicals de Sitges
July 1st to September 30th: Sitgestiu Cultural 09: Activities at Sitges’ museums and the Palau Maricel
June 9th, start of the Sitges-Saint Tropez-Monaco Car Rally
July 11th, Sitges Timbalada ’09, percussion and solidarity
July 15th to 19th: 16th Sitges International Tango Festival
July 22nd – July 30th, 35th edition of the International Chess Open
August 5th: Mare de Déu del Vinyet, celebrations at the Vinyet Chapel
August 9th, Circuit Festival (leisure-sports event)
August 21st to 27th: Saint Bartholomew, Sitges Major Festival. Fireworks display on August 23rd
September 13th, 6th Sitges Stock Fair
September 18th to 20th: 47th Sitges Wine Harvest Festival and the 3rd Wine Sampling
September 22nd and 23rd: Santa Tecla, Children’s Major Festival
October 1st, 24th Menjar de Tast Gastronomic Festival
October 2nd – 12th :42nd Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia
November 4th  to November 8th: Sitges International Classic Ballet Competition.


Telephones of Interest
  • Ambulances
    Emergency Health Transportation
  • C.A.S. Centre Atenció i Seguiment (Medical Care Center)
    Tel.+34 93 894 94 94
  • Civil Guard
    ( Emergencies ) Tel.062
  • Court House
    Tel.+34 93 894 00 69
  • Culture Council
    Tel.+34 93 811 22 32
  • Fire Department Emergencies
    Tel.085 - Fax.085
  • Fishermen’s Association
    Tel.+34 93 894 00 02
  • International Film Festival of Catalonia
    Tel.+34 93 894 99 90
  • Joan Maragall Cultural Center
    ( Excorxador ) Tel.+34 93 894 54 51
  • Local Police
    Tel.+34 93 811 00 16 - +34 93 810 97 97
  • Mossos d´Esquadra (Catalan police)
    Tel.088 - +34 93 657 17 00
  • Police Station
    Tel.+ 34 93 893 09 47
  • Post Office. Telegraphs
    Tel.+34 93 894 12 47
    Tel.+34 93 490 02 02
  • San Joan Baptista Hospital
    Tel.+34 93 894 00 03
  • Sant Camil Hospital
    Tel.+34 93 896 00 25
  • Sitges Tourist Info - La Fragata
    Tel.+34 93 811 06 11
  • Sitges Tourist Info- Oasis
    Tel.+34 93 810 93 40 - 902 103 428
  • Taxi
    Tel.+34 93 894 35 94 - +34 93 894 13 29
  • Town Hall
    Tel.+34 93 811 76 00
  • Unipost
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