Salamanca Areas

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This area of Salamanca is enclosed by “Paseo de la Estación” and “Paseo de Canalejas”, which are two of the city's main avenues.

It’s main character lies in the numerous city parks which are located in this area.

One of these is “La Alamedilla” Park with green garden areas and a children's playground.

There is also “Los Jesuítas” Park with large leisure and entertainment areas devoted to children.

“La Aldehuela” Park can also be found here, where there is a fantastic sports venue with different sports fields and a swimming-pool. As well as being the place where Sunday's flea market is held, it also has an area bordering the river bank where you can find a great range of restaurants.

In this area is the CAEM (Centre for Theatre Arts and Music) where a large variety of shows and concerts are held.

It is perfectly well connected with the city centre and the Garrido area too. You'll of course find stores, bars and restaurants.

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Centre Area

The centre of Salamanca is the heart of the city, the meeting point for both the locals as well as for our visitors.

It is made up of pedestrian streets, mainly in the Antigua-Monumental city district, as well as in the commercial district. This set of streets are wide so you can move around easily on foot. Amongst these, the commercial streets that should not be missed are calle Zamora and calle Toro, amongst other important tourist streets where you will find some of the most interesting monuments.

In this area you'll find the majority of the historically important sites of Salamanca such as the Cathedrals, the House of Shells, the University, all of which have unique façades and characteristics, there are also a large number of churches and convents including the spectacular Saint Mark's Church or the Ursulines' Convent.

Also in this area is Salamanca's Main Square, a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Here you can take in important events, celebrations and performances. You will also, during the summer period, be able to enjoy the ambiance and views by sitting in any of the large variety of terraces belonging to the bars and restaurants located here.

The Centre Area of Salamanca is perfectly well connected to the rest of the city via public transport, and the majority of the urban bus lines have routes that go down the Gran Vía, Avenida de Mirat or Paseo de San Vicente.

Located in this area too is the well-known Parque de San Francisco, a garden park where you can enjoy a tranquil walk, with resting areas, a children's playground, shops and bars.

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Garrido Area

The Garrido area is located ten minutes away from the centre of Salamanca.

It is divided up into different areas where you'll be able to enjoy your time shopping either in malls such as “El Corte Inglés” or strolling down large avenues such as that of Alfonso IX, Federico Anaya, Los Cedros, Los Cipreses…

You'll find a large variety of bars, pubs and restaurants in the famous “Van Dyck Area” where locals and visitors alike enjoy going for "tapas", an activity for which our city is very well known.

If you wish to go to the movies, dine at a restaurant or enjoy some entertainment... there is the “Vialia” Shopping Centre, where you will also find the Train Station.

There is a multi-purpose sports stadium which also functions as a venue for hosting fabulous concerts, shows, events and various different celebrations such as the Seafood Festival (Fiesta del Marisco)...

If you would like to see an important bullfighting event then visit our Bull Rink “La Glorieta”, located next to an emblematic building that belongs to the Military Regiment and serves as a Barracks.

You are easily able to visit all the different areas on foot, at a relaxed pace, taking time to stop and cool off in one of the many terraces you can find around the area.

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University Campus Area

In this area you'll find the majority of the different Faculties belonging to the University of Salamanca.

It is a quiet area with parks and gardens where you'll be able to relax and listen to the songs of the birds and the soothing sound of the river running by. You'll also be able to make use of the sports facilities here which include tennis courts, and football fields... all located in this area.

Salamanca's Bus Station is also located here, from where you can easily move around if you wish to visit the great number of lovely nearby villages and enjoy their architecture and cuisine.

This neighbourhood is also memorable thanks to the fact that it is always very lively and has a great university feel to it, it is simply a great place in which to stay. It has all the facilities you might need and is surrounded by shopping centres. To enjoy Salmanca's night-life you only have to go a few minutes away from this magnificent area.

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