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Salamanca guide - Shopping and Restaurants

Salamanca is a fantastic city where you can enjoy fabulous days spent shopping.
The main street for shopping is the well-known Calle Toro, a pedestrian street which goes from Plaza del Liceo to Plaza España. This street is where you'll find stores from all the main international fashion brands and is great for all ages.
On Plaza del Liceo, connected directly to Plaza Mayor, don't miss visiting the building in which a “Zara” store (International Spanish brand) has been located, it is an historic 18th century convent which preserves intact its façade and its original walls.
You will also find a large variety of stores on all the streets that go from the Plaza Mayor to the Mirat Avenue, where there are also numerous bars and restaurants to stop at and enjoy typical Salamancan tapas whilst shopping all day long.

Opening Hours

The majority of stores in Salamanca's main shopping areas have an uninterrupted 10:00 to 21:00h schedule, except on Sunday, when stores are closed. Small shops usually take a short lunch break during the afternoon, from 14:00h to 17:00h.

Stores and shopping centres in Salamanca

"El Corte Inglés” Department Store. Recently opened in Salamanca (2009), this department store chain can be found all over Spain, and in it you'll be able to find all kinds of products from the best brands. It is on Calle María Auxiliadora, has been recently refurbished, and is just 10 minutes’ walk from Plaza Mayor.

“Vialia” Shopping Mall. Situated inside Salamanca's train station, this shopping centre has a variety of stores (sports equipment, clothes, hairdresser, phone shops, etc.), a food court, a kid’s play area and cinemas. It is located in the city of Salamanca, approximately 25 minutes’ walk from the Plaza Mayor.

“El Tormes” Shopping Mall. It is located in the town of Santa Marta de Tormes, which is approximately 10 minutes from Salamanca by car. There is also an inter-city bus that leaves every 15 minutes. As you would expect of a large shopping mall it has clothes stores, a kid’s play area and a food court.

Restaurants and bars in Salamanca

Salamanca is a traditional city for “tapeo”. You'll find a large variety of enticing typical dishes such as Guijuelo Spanish Ham, hornazo, farinato, chanfaina and marvellous pastries, the best of which can be found at Confitería Gil, a pastry shop that has been baking the best possible cakes since 1956.
In order to enjoy the diversity of the cuisine there is a vast range of restaurants, located almost everywhere across the city and in them it’s possible to enjoy quality food in an unparalleled setting.

The main area to enjoy our “tapas” is Van Dyck, and if you ask any local citizen they will undoubtedly be happy to provide you with information. Here are several interesting bars and restaurants where you'll be able to taste some of the local specialities such as Iberian cold meats, “pata negra” ham or roasted beef.
  • El Bambú: Calle Prior, 4, 37002 Salamanca 923 260 092
  • Casa Paca: Plaza del Peso, 10 Salamanca 605 97 97 20
  • Mesón El Corral: Calle Rodríguez Fabrés, 19 Salamanca 923 229 906
  • El Patio Chico: Calle de Meléndez, 13, Salamanca 923 265 103
  • El Candil: Calle de Ventura Ruiz Aguilera, 14, Salamanca 923 217 239
  • Mesón Las Conchas: Calle Rúa Mayor, 16, Salamanca 923 212 167
  • Don Mauro: Plaza Mayor, plaza corrillo, 19, Salamanca 923 281 487
  • Pucela: Calle de Saavedra y Fajardo, 2, Salamanca, 923 192 095
  • Don Bustos: Plaza Campillo, 18, Salamanca, 923 281 551
  • Vallejo: Calle San Juan de la Cruz, 3, Salamanca 923 280 421
  • La venta: Calle Rodríguez Fabrés, 5, Salamanca

  • Bars
  • El Reloj de la Plaza: Plaza Mayor, 10, Salamanca 678 726 660
  • La oficina: Calle Garcia de Quiñones, 2, Salamanca 923 245 177
  • Cervantes: Plaza Mayor, 15, Salamanca 923 217 213
  • Toscano: Calle Zamora 88, Salamanca 923 260 342
  • Viertel Van Dyck
    • o La Goleta: 923 258 783
    • o Degustación : 685 603 946
    • o El Minutejo: 692 170 067
    • o Und vieles mehr………

  • Camelot: Calle Bordadores, 3, Salamanca 923 219 091
  • Cum laude: Calle Prior, 5, Salamanca 691 240 951
  • Café Moderno: Gran Vía, 75-77, Salamanca, 923 212 403
  • Garamond discoteca: Calle Toro, 64, Salamanca 923 268 107
  • La perla negra: Calle Iscar Peyra, 5, Salamanca 607 747 649
  • Amadeus: Calle Cuesta del Carmen, 2, Salamanca, 923 210 102
  • Tío Vivo: Calle Clavel, 3-5, Salamanca
  • Revolutum: Calle Sánchez Barbero, 7, Salamanca, 923 217 656
  • Ubalinda: Gran vía, 36, Salamanca

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