Roma guide - For children

Rome is a wonderland even for children. Where else in the world can children climb church domes, search for gladiators, discover secret passageways and fuel up with pizza and ice cream as they go? Rome is also very kid-friendly and filled with attractions to stimulate young imagination.
So, here are just few ideas. We have included some of the city’s spectacular parks, playgrounds, kid museums and shops and much more to intrigue your children and make your visit very special.
If you are traveling with kids, the key is not to visit too many places in one single day, to avoid covering long distances on foot and to leave plenty of time for relaxation and just looking around.
Remember that in Rome discounts do exist. Always ask about a “sconto bambino” (child’s discount) before purchasing tickets. Kids under 3 ft. 3 in. (1 m) tall travel free on public transportation. Children under 18 who are EU citizens are admitted free to state-run museums and galleries, and there are similar privileges in many municipal or private museums.

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