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Malaga Museums Guide

Museums in Málaga are an inseparable part of its touristic offer, the enormous weight of the Picasso Museum and Picasso's house of birth, are the two crown jewels, but in Malaga capital you can find more than 20 museums from many different etiologies.

With topics as varied as Flamenco, Science, Sacred art, the Air Carrier or Music, the museum activity is growing in Malaga and soon much more.In short, the former Tabacalera will host a museum of international significance with the presence of Nature Art and the Royal Collection, among others, who soon will join the Museum de Arte Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Museums are a town's cultural heritage: its historical, ethnological and artistic work is a blend of diverse cultures that have left their mark in the area through many centuries.

Museums in Malaga City

Picasso Museum Malaga
Showcases original works by Pablo Picasso from its permanent collection
San Agustín Street, 8
Tel 0034 952 602 731

CAC Malaga
Contemporary Art Center
Alemania Street, S / N
Tel 0034 952 120 055

Museo Aula del Mar
Foundation that transmits knowledge about the environment
Avenida Manuel Agustin Heredia, 35
Tel 0034 952 229 287

Music Museum Malaga
Muralla Plaza de la Marina s / n.
Tel 0034 952 210 440

Malaga Alcazaba Museum
Palace fortress of the Muslim rulers of the city. It was built mostly in the eleventh century and is one of the landmarks of the city of Malaga.
Alcazabilla Street, s / n
Tel 0034 952227230

Malaga Cathedral Museum
The visit to the Cathedral of Malaga is de rigueur for anyone who wants an essential knowledge of the culture in Malaga, is undoubtedly one of the most important sights of the Costa del Sol.
Plaza Obispo, S / N
Tel 0034 952 215 917

Museums in Marbella

Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum
Considered one of the best in the world, has a splendid collection of prints of the twentieth century among which are works by Picasso, Tàpies and Miró.
C / Hospital Bazán s / n
Tel 0034 952 765 741

Museo del Bonsai
This is a unique museum in Spain, home to one of the best collections in Europe and the best example of olives in the world.
Avenida Doctor Maiz Viñals , S / N
Tel 0034 952 862 926

Ralli Museum
Keeps inside a select collection of Latin-American paintings and European sculptures by Dali and Maillot.
Coral Beach Urb. 176 km
Tel 0034 952 857 923

Museums in MIjas

Casa Museo de la Villa
Exhibits farm tools, fishing, cuisine, oil mills, traveling art collections and local crafts.
Plaza de la Libertad , 2
Tel 0034 952 59 March 80

Miniature and Wagon Wax Museum
First museum of miniatures in the world where   we can see dissected  dressed fleas, a ballet dancer carved out of a toothpick, a naval battle at the head of a pin or Da Vinci's Last Supper in a grain of rice
Avenida del Compas, s / n.
Tel 0034 952 48 58 20

Bullfighting Museum in Mijas
It was created from a private collection of Jose Antonio Galan with photographs, trophies, paintings, costumes and capes. It also shows stuffed heads of bulls, bullfighting posters, oil paintings, photographs and bullfighting  lithographs.
C / Algarrabo 6.
Tel 0034 952 48 55 48

Museums in Benalmadena

Municipal Archaeological Museum
Unique house in Andalusia,  one of the largest collections of pieces of pre-Columbian America in Spain, with samples of handcrafts from Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador.
Avenida Juan Luis Peralta, 49
Tel 0034 952 448 593

Museum Acuario Aula del Mar
The central axis and transverse line of its policy of  work has been environmental education through its center,  whose priority lies in the transmission  of good environmental practices and values
Avenida Antonio Machado, 83,
Tel 0034 952 577 784

Museums in Fuengirola

History Museum
Inside you can take a tour of the history of the town.
C / Maria Josefa Larruzea 3.
Tel 0034 952 58 93 00

Museums in Estepona

Municipal Archaeological Museum
The oldest remains exposed  date back to the Paleolithic and consist of a number of utilities carved in stone.
Plaza de Toros, C Matias Prats, 21.
 Tel 0034 952 807 148

Ethnographic Museum City
 In the miniatures room you can find  reproductions made by hand of farming tools. In the  trans-Mediterranean room  three models of passenger ships, a logbook and a bridge are exposed.
C / Matias Prats, s / n.
 Tel 0034 952 807 148

Museo Taurino
In this museum you can admire many objects related to bullfighting, such as photographs of major bullfighters of all times.
C / Matias Prats, s / n.
Tel 0034 952 807 148

Museums in Nerja

Archaeological Museum of the Caves of Nerja
The Nerja Cave is a karst formation where  lots of stalactites and stalagmites have generated by the deposit of calcium carbonate.
Carretera de Maro, s / n.
Tel 0034 952 529 520

Museums in Torremolinos

Costumes Museum
Several of its rooms display a large number of suits and dresses of famous people. As a curiosity you can see the world's largest costume, registered in the Guinness Book.
C / Rio Mesa, 12.
Tel 0034 952058050

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