Maps and Transport in Malaga

The city of Malaga has a network of transportation by air, land and sea that makes it accessible from many points of the planet. So you don't miss anything, it also has a good public transportation system.

We offer a link to find streets in the towns of Malaga:


Malaga Airport (AGP) is just 8 km from the city, perfectly connecting the whole Costa del Sol. It has 3 terminals: T1, T2 (Pablo Ruiz Picasso) and T3 which are interconnected. Inside more than 60 airlines operating that connect Malaga with 20 Spanish cities and over a hundred cities in Europe (primarily UK, central Europe and the Nordic countries but also the main cities of Eastern Europe).
(+34) 952 048 804 -

For transfers to or from Malaga airport, you can take the bus, on different lines, depending on your itinerary:
Airport Express A (Línea 75)(+34) 902 527 200
Malaga Airport Line 19 (+34) 902 527 200
Malaga-Santa Amalia Line(+34) 902 450 550
Marbella-Airport Line(+34) 902 143 144

If you prefer you can use the train

The new train station integrated to the building Terminal T3 has a temporary exclusive access from the outside plaza for arrivals until the completion of related works. You can access this arrival square either by the terminal building or through the footbridge that leads to the parking buildings and the bus station.
(+34) 952 128 267-

You can also are the shuttle or private transfer from Malaga airport: - – (+34) 952 463 458


As a good Mediterranean city, Malaga has always been linked to the sea and the riches that come from it, that have always given local people an extraordinary sense of life. Sheltered by a natural bay, the Port of Malaga has become the second most important port of Touristic Cruise Ships on the Peninsula, visited by the most important and emblematic cruise lines in the world as the Queen Mary cruise II. On the other hand, the Special Port Plan will involve the final integration of the City Port, giving Malaga city and its Historic Center, the waterfront always longed for, giving the existing piers 1 and 2 a cultural and leisure use.


The train is a good choice to come to Malaga, with the possibility of using regional trains, long distance trains or the high-speed rail train Malaga-Madrid called AVE, lasting just 50 minutes the complete journey.
For more information: – (+34) 902 320 320

Car Rental

If you do not have your own car, we offer a list of sites where you can rent a vehicle to travel in Malaga:


Tourist Bus: to enjoy a ride through Malaga in a 2 floor high bus.

City Buses:To move around the city.

To travel through the province or between provinces.


The Metro de Malaga, is a rapid transit network served by light rail trams, to move around the city with all the freedom and saving valuable time (currently under construction).


When you do not know well the place you want to go to or simply for the convenience of being taken kindly to your destination, the taxi in Malaga offers its customers a 24 hours service.

On Bike

It is always a good option to use the bike, and Malaga is a very comfortable city for this, so we offer a selection of places where you can rent your bikes in Malaga ... Ecology is our future!

On foot

We highly recommend this way to get around the province, either in the capital discovering the hidden culture or strolls along the long stretches of beautiful beaches. The possibilities are endless...

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