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For transport purposes, London is divided into six concentric zones, with fares calculated depending in which zones you travel: the majority of the city’s sights, restaurants, pubs and parks lie in Zone 1, the central zone. Transport for London (TfL) provides excellent free maps and details of bus and tube service: please visit

Oyster Cards is a prepaid card which provides the most convenient and easiest way to go, as one card will take care of all transportation on buses, tubes and DLR (Docklands Light Railway). For a refundable fee of £3 you take the card and then you top-up the value at any tube or train station according to your travel needs. Using Oyster will always be 50p cheaper than the equivalent Day Travelcard.

If you plan to spend few days touring the town, you can buy a 3-Day Travelcard. It’s available for £16.40 (zone 1-2) or £36.60 (zone 1-6).

The Underground, or the “tube” as it is known to Londoners, is normally the quickest and easiest way of getting round London while double decker are a fun way to see London.

Tel: +34 93 268 80 51
Fax: +34 93 268 80 52

Maps & Transport

  • Buses
    There is no better view in the world than that of London from the top first-row seat of a double-decker bus. Kids love riding them, and a short trip can calm the most fractious child. There are 17,000 bus stops all over London, so you should be able to get pretty close to whatever destinations may be. The best London-viewing double decker buses (which could also save you the money of private bus tours) are: N.11 (from King’s road to Victoria, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and St. Paul’s Cathedral) or N.15 (from Oxford Street to Regent and Piccadilly Circus down to Tower of London) and N14 (from the British Museum to Piccadilly, Knightsbridge and the museums of South Kensington). Fares: using Oyster card costs £1 a trip and the most you will pay a day will be £3. Paying with cash on the bus costs £2 for single trip. Under –14s travel free.
  • Tube
    The tube is the best possible way to get around London, even with breakdowns and delays (we are used to it). The last trains leave Central London around midnight and begin again around 5:30 in the morning. The single fare for adults is £4. Using Oyster card the fares varies by zone: zone 1 costs £1.50; zone 2 costs £1.50 or £2 (depending on the time you travel); zone 1-6 single fare is £2 or £3.50. The single fare for children age 11-15 is £2 for journey including zone 1. Under-11s travel free. Look on one of the big maps posted near the ticket windows to choose your favourite route …finally remember to always stand on the right of the escalator to avoid any impatient reprimand and mind the closing doors!
  • Taxis
    It’s always a pleasure to jump in a taxi and watch london go by from the dark comfort of the cab’s civilized interiors. If they are available, the light will be on and you may wave them down. The preferred etiquette is that you do not enter the cab until you have told the driver where you want to go.

    Radio Taxis 0207 272 0272. For black cabs
    Dial-a-Cab 0207 253 5000 run a 24-hour service (credit cards only)

  • Minicabs
    Minicabs are generally cheaper than black cabs and the best options when you want to book your car at a precise time and you don’t want to wait for a free black cab on the street (particularly on the weekends when they are really difficult to find). Make sure you agree on a price when booking the cab. Here some good minicab companies:

    Addison Lee 0207 387 8888
    West End Car Services 0207 734 8970
    Lady Cabs 0207 272 3300
    Totally Driven 0870 895 8986
    Greater London Hire Ltd. 0207 490 4222
    Transport for London website ( has a licenced minicab database. Alternatevely call 0800 666 666

  • Boats
    River commuter and leisure boat services run east and west through London (usually every 15 minutes), with main piers at Westminster, Embankment, Waterloo, Tate modern, Canary Wharf and Greenwich. Please visit to check timetable and routes.

  • Walking
    I am sure you will. You will be surprised at how far you can go by foot – a lot faster at times than on the bus, and certainly more pleasantly than on tube. You will get to see small architectural curios, drop into inviting shops and find hidden alley and mews.

  • Airport
    Gatwick Airport (0870 000 2468/ About 45 km south of central London. The Gatwick Express is the rail service to London Victoria which takes about 30 minutes ( Tickets cost £15.90 single.

    Heathrow Airport (0870 000 0123/ About 35 km west of central London. The Heathrow Express ( runs to Paddington Station every 15 minutes and takes 15-20 minutes. A longer but cheaper journey is by Tube. Tickets for the 60 minutes ride to London cost £4.

    Luton Airport (01582 405 100/ About 45 Km north of central London. The Thameslink service ( calls at King’s Cross and the City. Its 45 minutes journey costs £12 single. By coach ( to Victoria costs £11 single.

    Stansted Airport(0870 000 0303/ About 50 Km north-east of central London. Stansted Express is the rail service from Liverpool Street Station. The 45 minutes journey costs £15 single. The coach service to London Victoria takes approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs £10.

  • Cycling
    The local authorities are putting a lot of effort to make cycling a lot easier and enjoyable. However it is a fun way to discover the city and make some exercise! Below a selection of hire shop in the capital:

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