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As you stroll through the city, you will certainly pass across the main shopping areas of Lisbon on your way to monuments or view points. Street shopping is mainly concentrated in Chiado and Baixa as well as in the lower part of the Avenida da Liberdade. You can also go shopping in the main shopping malls present inside and in the surroundings of the city.

Below you’ll find some useful information about shopping and dining in Lisbon :

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  • Chiado
    Rua Garrett, a place brimming with ideas, impressions and nice fashion shopping. Rua da Rosa, you’ll discover the latest in fashion by the new designers in Lisbon. It’s a glamorous area full of nice shops and bars.
  • Baixa
    Rua Augusta, the main pedestrian street, Praça dos Restauradores and Rossio, are the principal areas in the center of the city to shop, have a coffee, or a drink in one of the numerous sunny terraces.
  • Centro Comercial das Amoreiras
    The first shopping center of this category to be built in Lisbon, dedicated to Fashion, Leisure and business center.
  • Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama
    A shopping mall in Parque das Nações with unique architectonical features, and excellent accessibilities, Centro Vasco da Gama is served by an efficient transportation network with direct access to the historical center.
  • Centro Comercial Colombo
    The Colombo Mall, one of the biggest shopping malls of the Iberian Peninsula. With more than 420 shops, it is a mall with unique features and a fabulous offer variety. More than 60 restaurants, 10 movie rooms, one Health Club, more than 10 customer support services, one covered amusement park and the best Fashion shops.

  • Opening hours : from 10 am to 7 pm, most of these areas are Closed on sundays and bank holidays. In shopping malls open from 10am to 10pm everyday of the year.

  • Magazines and Newspapers : you will find the international press in most newspapers kiosks in Baixa and Chiado. For books in English, French, Italian go to Fnac (Chiado).
  • All small typical restaurants are good, but simple with fresh fishes in general if you are not afraid of translating the menu in Portuguese.
  • A Travessa : expensive but good in a covent in Madragoa, Travessa des Ingeslinhas, tel 21 3940800
  • Bica do Sapato : fashionable restaurant belonging to Malkovich, in front of Santa Apolonia station on the bank of Alfama, tel 218810320
  • Garden : indian restaurant, mercado de São Bento, rua nova da Pieade 99, tel 21 3902613
  • La Moneda : rua da Moeda 1-C, tel 21 390 8012
  • La Paparucha, argentine restaurant,expensive rua D. Pedro C, 18/20, tel 21 342 53 33
  • Luca, : italian restaurant, rua Sta Marta 35, tel 21 3150212
  • Terra : vegetarian buffet, you can eat in the garden, next door in rua da Palmeira, 15, tel 213 421408
  • many restaurants in Docas de Alcantara, under the bridge 25 de Abril
  • many restaurants in the Expo 98, Parque das Nações.

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