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Below you’ll find some useful information about transport in Lisbon:

Tel: (+34) 932 688 051
Fax: (+34) 932 688 052


Online Maps of Lisbon

It is easy to travel within the city of Lisbon, it is acapital with a true transportation system. But you will also see how specialLisbon is, with its 7 hills, the Tagus River, the beaches…

  • By foot
    It is the most practical way ofvisiting the city but make sure you wear comfortable shoes and in particular noheels (you’ll quickly realize why !!!).
  • By car
    The car is by far the worst mean ofcirculating, first because finding a parking lot is so difficult and second itwon’t be easy to find your way among the hills and small street of the city.
  • Aeroporto de Lisbon
    Informationon airport and flights.
  • Buses, trams
    Carris, the public transportation companyin Lisbon, includes all the yellow buses and trams.
    Don’t miss the tramway n°28 going throughmost famous and tourist places. Experiment elevators or funiculars to reachtops of hills.
    The new tramway n°15 goes from Praça doComercio to Belem area.
  • Boats and Ferries to crossthe river
    Regular transportation service Transtejo allows thecrossing of the river for those visiting “Cristo Rei”
  • Railway stations
    You’ll only take the train if you plan to go to the beachin Cascais, Estoril or Carcavelos or if you want to visit Sintra.
    • for the beaches and Cascais : go by theTagus river, down the Rua do Alecrim which comes from Chiado to the stationCais do Sodré. The train line terminates in Cascais, 45 minutes from Lisbon.
    • forSintra, you must go by bus or metro to the train stationSete Rios
    • Consult theComboios de Portugal for other destinations, CP company site.
  • Taxis
    Of beige color (or green and black), there are manytaxis in Lisbon and they are very cheap (3 to 4€ per ride within the city,price at the meter). Just stop a taxi with green light on when passing by inthe street.
    Price of the ride to the airport is between 10 and 15€and last 20 to 30 minutes.
    Autocoope : cooperative of Lisbon taxis : 217 932 756
    Retalis/radioTaxis : 218 119 000
    Teletaxis :218 111 100
Guided Tours in Lisbon
    With a fleet of panoramic buses and traditionaltrams, the best way to discover the most beautiful parts of the city. Departs from Praça do Comercio.
    With guided commentary along the route, you can makethe most of your visit to the city. You can hop on and off as many times as youlike throughout the day, at any of the 13 designated stops.
    Offers a comprehensive list of fun Lisbon tours and discoveries ofthe country.
Car Rentals in Lisbon

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