Apartments in Istanbul

Described as the city where East meets West, Istanbul has an exotic air about it. A holiday in this Turkish city will take you to one of the most varied places on the planet. More than 2 thousand years of history await you in the streets, hidden amongst the mosques, parks, markets, and ornate buildings dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

Our apartments in Istanbul have been carefully chosen to offer you a wide range of different accommodation and prices. If you are looking for a small studio apartment with WiFi when on business trip, a romantic weekend getaway or a large luxury apartment for your family, we are sure you will find it with us. All of our apartments in Istanbul are fully equipped with everything you will need during your stay and we are more than willing to adapt to your needs if the needs arises.

What to eat in Istanbul

Turkish cuisine is heavily spiced and the dishes are a heavenly mix of Mediterranean and the Far East whose main ingredients are fresh vegetables, rice, roast meats and olive oil. The most common foods in Istanbul are not, kebabs, as you might think but a range of starters known as meze, lamacum which is best described as kind of pizza and soups served either hot or cold. Turkish sweets made from pastry, honey and nuts are very delicious especially when served with tea or a strong Turkish coffee.

The Sights of Istanbul

One of the most famous sights in Istanbul is the Blue Mosque, built during the 16th century, whose minarets and domed roof dominate the skyline. Nearby is the ancient Byzantine Cathedral, Santa Sofia, featuring an enormous domed roof and impressive mosaics inside. Topaki Palace, home to Sultans is also a must see on your holiday in Istanbul.

Other places of interest in Istanbul are the Basilica Cistern, Dolambahçe Palace, Galatla Tower, Grand Bazaar and Chora Church.

Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul can be described as the city of shopping. There are markets of all kinds and sizes where you can get just about everything. The most famous of them all is the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s biggest and oldest markets, where you can buy lamps, carpets, ceramics, antiques, tea and even imitation designer clothes and bags. Another very popular and photogenic market is the Egyptian Bazaar or Spice Market, the perfect place to find Turkish delight and discover the colourful world of spices.

Activities for Children in Istanbul

Places to visit in Istanbul when travelling with children are Miniaturk, a miniature park featuring all of Turkey’s grand monuments the children are sure to love it and the always popular, Aquarium where you can find more than 10,000 different species of marine life among them sharks and tropical fish. Children will also love eating sweets and visiting the Toy Museum, taking a boat tour of the Bosphorous Strait or simply wandering the bazaars.

Istanbul Nightlife

In Istanbul modern life and tradition combine. The nightlife in Istanbul is surprising and vibrant and even though the majority of the population is Muslim, alcohol is served in almost all the bars and nightclubs. In summer a good place to go out is in one of the bars on the banks of the Bosphorous. The most popular areas for a night out in Istanbul are Ortakoy where you can find the majority of bars and clubs, Taksim Square, Besiktas and the historic neighbourhood of Beyoglu.

Why Rent with Friendly Rentals?

Renting an apartment in Istanbul is a completely different experience to staying in a hotel. You will have more flexibility, enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and the added comfort of being in your own home with more privacy and space.

We consider location to be of the utmost importance which is why all of our apartments are in the centre of Istanbul or close to public transport. Each of our holiday apartments in Istanbul have a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your family’s favourite meals or try your hand at creating an authentic Turkish feast.

In case of emergencies there is a 24 hour emergency hotline where we will solve any problems which may occur.

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    Istanbul apartments

    The Kempinski 1 Apartment in Istanbul

    Sehr freundlicher, hilfsbereiter Vermieterfamilie, ruhige Lage, sehr nette Atmosphäre, schöne Terasse
  • , Netherlands, 27 October 2013
    Istanbul apartments

    The Barbaros Apartment in Istanbul

    Prima appartement. Centraal gelegen in een leuke wijk. Compleet ingericht en erg schoon.
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    The Galata Loft Apartment in Istanbul

    El departamento muy comodo y la atencion de los administradores muy buena
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    The Kempinski 11 Apartment in Istanbul

    Zeer zeker, absoluut mede dankzij de grote hulpvaardigheid van de eigenaar
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    The Sultanahmet Apartment in Istanbul

    The decor, the location.