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Florence is an excellent city for shopping. Whether you are looking for designer clothes, wonderful shoes and leatherwear, fine jewelers, antiques, artisan furniture or home accessories, rest assured that shopping in Florence will provide you with a huge choice.

The city’s premier shopping thoroughfare is Via de’ Tornabuoni and its surrounding streets, notably Via della Vigna Nuova. Here you'll find the showroom of Italy’s top fashion designers: Versace, Prada, Gucci, Armani and Dolce e Gabbana are all here as well as the outlets of the top three Florentine fashion houses – Pucci, Cavalli and Ferragamo. Younger designers tend to cluster in the area around Via Matteo Palmieri while for best leather and clothes bargains in town, head to the streets around San Lorenzo market.

Another main corridor of stores somewhat less glitzy than those on the Via de' Tornabuoni begins at Via Cerretani and runs down Via Roma through the Piazza della Repubblica area.

Jewelers are found primarily on and around the Ponte Vecchio, their home since the 16th century. The antique trade is very important in the area of Borgo Ognissanti and Via di Maggio. In the peculiar area of Oltrarno there are many shops and workshops with very different types of goods, from shoes to jewels.

Opening times for most shops are Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00am to 1pm and 3:30/4pm to 8pm. Most stores close on Monday morning although increasingly Florence’s shops are moving to all-day opening from 9am to 8 pm. Department stores also open on Sunday.


Florence is not just paintings and palazzos; it is also home to one of the palatable and well-known cuisines in the world. In Italian gastronomic circles, Florentine cuisine is accorded almost as much reverence as Florentine art. Restaurants run the gamut, from Michelin-starred gastronomic temples to one-roomed trattorias with simple cooking and rudimentary décor.
Those are some restaurants we have selected for you:

. ALL’ANTICO RISTORO DI CAMBI, Via Sant’Onofrio 1, tel: 055 217 134 (Florentine steak)
. ANGIOLINO, Via Santo Spirito 36, tel : 055 239 8976 (Tuscan classics)
. ANTICO FATTORE, Via Lambertesca 1-3, tel: 055 288 975 (Genuine Trattoria)
. BELLE DONNE,  Via delle Belle donne 16, (a tiny-rustic  trattoria)
. BORGO ANTICO, Piazza di Santo Spirito 6, tel: 055 210 437 (pasta, pizza and meat)
. CAVOLO NERO, Via dell’Ardiglione 22, tel: 055 29 4744 (for a romantic diner)
. CIBREO, Via de’ Macci 118, tel: 055 234 1100 (Superb food with creative touches)
. DA GANINO, Piazza dei Cimatori 4, tel: 055 214 125 (home-made pasta and desserts)
. DA MARIO, Via Rosina 2, tel: 055 218 550 (for an excellent lunch)
. DANTE, Piazza Nazario Sauro 10, tel: 055 219 219 (Pizzas and Pasta)
. ENOTECA LE BARRIQUE, Via del Leon 40, tel: 055 224 192 (simple and classic cousine)
. ENOTECA PINCHIORRI,  Via Ghibellina 87, tel: 055 242 777 (Three Michelin stars)
. GUSTAVINO, Via della Condotta 37, tel: 055 239 9806 (wine bar with delicatessen)
. HOSTERIA BIBENDUM, Via dei Pescioni 2,  (Belle Epoque-styled restaurant)
. IL LATINI, Via dei Palchetti 6, tel: 055 210 916 (be prepared to a long queue)
. IL PIZZAIUOLO, Via de’ Macci 113, tel: 055 241 171 (Neapolitan pizzas)
. OLIVIERO, Via delle Terme 51, tel: 055 240 618 (For fish lovers)
. ORA D’ARIA, Via Ghibellina 3, tel: 055 2001 699  (fish and seafood)
. PANE  E VINO, Piazza di Cestello 3, tel: 055 247 6956 (stylish and relaxed)
. RUTH’S, Via Luigi Carlo Farini 2a, tel: 055 248 0888 (kosher vegetarian dishes)
. TRATTORIA 4 LEONI, Via dei Vellutini 1, tel: 055 218 562 (Good Tuscan specialties)
. TRATTORIA 13 GOBBI, Via del Porcellana 9, 055 28 4015 (Traditional Tuscan dishes)
. ZA-ZA, Piazza del Mercato Centrale 26, tel: 055 210 756 (low prices, good food)

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