Florence Guide - Maps & Tansports

Florence is a very compact city, with many of its most important attractions being consolidated in a few areas. Part of the joy of visiting the city is that you can easily walk the entire historical center - allowing you to stumble across churches, piazzas, shops and restaurants. However, Florence has a very reliable and easy to use public transportation system which can help cross the town in a hurry or visit some of the most peripheral sights.


There is no subway in Florence but there is a widely used bus transportation network run by ATAF which covers most areas of the city and most buses go to Santa Maria Novella train station. Environmental friendly electric minibuses called A, B, C and D ply the main tourist routes.

The bus network operates between 06:00 and 23:25. Single tickets cost €1.20  and are valid for 90 minute. There is also the possibility to buy a Biglietto Multiplo which gives four 90 minute tickets for €4.50 or the Carta Agile, which comes in two versions – the €10 one is equivalent to ten 90 minute tickets or the €20 equivalent to twentyone. Each Carta Agile can be used by more than a passanger at a time and it is valid for one year.

Tickets are sold at newsstands, bars, tabacchi or automatic tickets dispensers and must be stamped at the machine inside the bus. At night, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., tickets can be purchased aboard from the driver at  €2. 

For more information on routes, timetable and tickets you can call the ATAF hotline toll-free within Italy (800-424500 or 199-104245) or visit the webpage


Taxi are white with yellow trims and can be hired from official taxi ranks, of which there are plenty in the centre of town. If you phone for a taxi (055 4390, 055 4798, 055 4242, 055 4499) be aware that the meter starts to run from the moment you book it, not the moment it picks you up.


Driving in Florence is not easy. Much of the centre is closed to traffic and parking is also extremely difficult in the city centre. However renting a car might be useful to visit Siena, Arezzo and the beautiful Tuscany countryside.


Santa Maria Novella Railway Station, which lies right at the heart of the city, is the main arrival point for trains from Italy and Europe, with direct rail links with Paris, Frankfurt and other major European cities.


Amerigo Vespucci Airport, Florence – it is a small airport  located just 4 km (2.5 miles) northwest of Florence. It is very well connected by bus to Santa Maria Novella Station (the jorney takes around 20 minutes). You can reach Florence either by train (the jorney time is about an hour) or by Terravision bus (Journey time is 70 minutes).
Galileo Galilei Airport, Pisa – the main airport for Tuscany is located at Pisa (83km/52 miles west of Florence).
Gugliemo Marconi Airport, Bologna –it is located 105km (65 mile) northeast of Florence. Florence is reachable by fast train in about an hour (plus 20 minutes for the shuttle from the airport to Bologna train station).


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