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In 1908, writer Ferran Agulló published an article in the "Veu de Catalunya" paper entitled "La Costa Brava" which mentioned the Catalan Mediterranean coast that extends from the delta of the Tordera River to Port Bou, on the French border to Girona.

Since then, all the villages and beaches in the area have made millions of travelers to this land fall in love with this country through its people, its climate, its customs and its well-known personalities which bring out in visitors feelings and sensations never imagined.

At that time, the Costa Brava began the path that led it to be the well known region it is now worldwide, and which counts among its assets historical remains of the people that inhabited it for over 2,500 years.

Throughout the territory of the Costa Brava, the inhabitants' will to preserve their cultural treasure has resulted in the creation of 68 museums among which, outstanding for their extraordinary uniqueness, the 4 museums devoted to Dali's work, those that collect archaeological remains belonging to the settlements of the first inhabitants in the region, and those which are specially focused on the remains of the medieval past that has permeated the area. If during your holidays in one of our comfortable tourist apartments, you should want to visit some of the museums located on the Costa Brava, we suggest you take a look at the ones we highlight below:

  • Dalí Tour
    Within the small triangle of land of the Costa Brava which comprises the towns of Púbol, Port Lligat and Figueres, distant about 50 km one from the other, visitors shall find the purest Dalí worship shrine distributed in three stunning museums devoted to the surrealist painter, which altogether put up the greatest oneiric show on earth.
  • Catalunya Museum of Archeology Girona (Museo de Arqueología de Catalunya)
    Located within the Romanesque Monastery of Saint Pere dels Galligants, we can find archaeological remains of the inhabitants of the Costa Brava up until the Middle Ages.
  • Catalunya Museum of Archeology L'Escala (Museo de Arqueología de Catalunya. L’escala)
    Located in the richest archeological settlement of the Costa Brava and Catalunya, it contains the remains of the Greek village of Emporion and the Roman town of Emporiae.
  • Catalunya Museum of Archaeology. Ullastret (Museo de Arqueología de Catalunya)
    Located in the best preserved Iberian settlement of Catalunya.
    In this spot on the Costa Brava, Ullastret, visitors will find an exclusive museum which takes us back in time more than 2,500 years to see exactly how ampurdanian settlers used to live.
  • Fishing Museum (Museo de la Pesca)
    Located on the quintessential fishing town of Palamos, the population of the Costa Brava which gives its name to the tasty red crustacean that remains the area's culinary treasure, this museum, unique in the Mediterranean, displays past, present and future of fishing techniques, closely intertwined with the ancestral life forms of the inhabitants of the area.
  • Museum of the Mediterranean (Museo de la Mediterrània)
    This museum located in Torruella de Montgrí, invites us to discover interactively the Mediterranean's pure essence, taking visitors by the hand along a constant stimuli of the senses to discover the true culture of the Costa Brava.
  • Salvador Dalí House and Museum (Casa Museo Salvador Dalí)
    Located in the fishing village of Cadaqués, in Cap de Creus, this Costa Brava museum, 50/50 land and sea, was the only permanent home of the great surrealist painter Salvador Dalí until 1982, after which and due to the death of his beloved wife Gala, he transferred his residence to Castle Púbol.
  • Gala-Dalí House Museum and Castle (Casa Museo Castillo Gala-Dalí)
    Located in the municipality of Púbol-La Pera, and open to the public since 1996, it exhibits within a medieval building a collection of all the love tokens Salvador Dali offered his beloved Gala.
  • Anchovies and Salt Museum (Museo de la anchoa y de la sal)
    Located in the fishing village of L'Escala, this museum is teaches visitors about daily life in this fisherman's town of the Costa Brava, which gives its name in to the highest quality fish in the area.
  • Dalí Theater and Museum (Teatro Museo Dalí)
    You can not miss the show! Visitor to the Costa Brava must see Salvador Dalì hometown, which captures the essence of the grotesque and the absurd of surrealism at its peak and utmost artistic power; it shall marvel visitors.

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