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Costa Brava - Maps and Transportation

Undoubtedly, having one's own means of transportation is essential so as to not miss anything on the Costa Brava, although each municipality of the area is well connected by public transportation.


Costa Brava - Rent a Car

So, if you don't count on a vehicle of your own, listed below are some car rental companies operating in the Costa Brava area:

Costa Brava - Bus and public transports

If, on the other hand, you would rather travel by public transportation, these website will help you move easily around from one place to another:

Costa Brava - Taxi

If at any time you should be in need of taxi services, we recommend, regardless of other taxi services specific of each Costa Brava town:

Costa Brava - Train

If your chosen means of transportation is the train, please keep in mind that the high-speed train line Barcelona-Paris, will not be operational until 2020, although the Barcelona-Perpignan connection is expected to be ready sometime in 2012.
None the less, from the Girona, Figueres, and Massanet train stations you shall be able to access the area comprising the main towns in the Costa Brava.

Costa Brava - Flights and Airports

The main means of transportation into the Costa Brava are the GIRONA-COSTA BRAVA, BARCELONA-EL PRAT, and PERPIGNAN airports.
The distance between any of them and any of our tourist apartments is covered in little more than an hour's time.
From the Girona airport, the distance to the majority of the Costa Brava towns can be covered in roughly 45 minutes. You can get all the information you need at
From the Barcelona Airport to the SOUTH COAST area of the Costa Brava, the trip can take up to 70 minutes, and you will find all the necessary information at
If, alternatively, you have chosen to fly to the Perpignan airport, , where, for example, Ryanair flights operate, it will take you approximately 70 minutes to reach the NORTH COAST area of the Costa Brava.

Costa Brava - Additional Information

If you should need any additional information on the Costa Brava, you can also take a look, among others, at the following websites:

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