Buenos Aires Areas

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Belgrano is an area chosen by many porteños to live in due to its proximity and easy access to the city´s centre.

Belgrano has a residential area with wide streets full of tress, parks and chalets, and also an important commercial pole concentrated mainly along Cabildo Av. where the D line subway and many bus lines go by.

It´s just next to Palermo area and walking distance from Las Cañitas –area which is well known for its night life, great variety of restaurants and design shops-. And a must in Belgrano: BA´s Chinatown, really picturesque.

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Cañitas is a neighbourhood located right between Palermo and Belgrano. An area of modern buildings, lofts and streets lined with trees. Cañitas is well known for its gourmet restaurants. Happy hour, dinner, oriental and Mediterranean food; locals and tourists consider Cañitas the new gourmet neighbourhood one of the coolest areas among "porteño" young people and fine cuisine lovers. A Saturday night meeting point.

What makes Cañitas so special is its calm and residential atmosphere during the day. Only a few minutes walking distance from Palermo Parks, a large green area where recreational activities take place, mainly on weekends.

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Staying at BA´s Downtown means to be surrounded by the real porteño spirit: tango shows, theatres, cinemas, parrillas –bbq restaurants- and typical cafés are open until dawn. This is the place to find out why Buenos Aires is called the city that never sleeps!

Emblematic sights such as the Obelisk, 9 de Julio and Corrientes Avenues and Florida pedestrian St. all of them are here, Downtown.

This is the area were most Spanish XX Century buildings still remain untouched, so don´t be surprised if you feel like being at Madrid´s Gran Vía when walking along 25 de Mayo Avenue!

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Palermo Brooklyn

For some time now, the traditional neighbourhood of Villa Crespo has been called Palermo Brooklyn. Its reminiscence to the original New York Brooklyn is inevitable. Sharing that bohemian semi industrial air.

This area is just next to Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood and is now an extension of them leaving behind those days of traditional residential neighbourhoods, becoming another gathering point with a variety of restaurants, pubs, shops and cultural life.

This area goes along Corrientes Avenue where the B subway line passes by, many buses and cabs as well.

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Palermo Hollywood

Lately this neighbourhood has become one of the ¨coolest¨ districts of the city, offering a great variety of bars, gourmet and ethnic restaurants, design boutiques, art galleries and an active nightlife.

This neighbourhood owes its name to the presence of the main TV, radio and film making producers´ studios that began to settle around this area in the mid-nineties, together with local celebrities. It is Juan B. Justo Avenue the one which divides this area into Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho.

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Palermo Parks

Bosques de Palermo -Palermo Woods-, are the biggest green area in the city -25 hectares-. Very well known for their groves, lakes, and rose gardens.

Many people visit these parks everyday, both on foot or biking, and many more during weekends. Even boat rides are available on the three lakes within the park.

BA´s Zoo, the Botanical Garden and the Japanese Gardens are located in this area as well. They all meet at Plaza Italia, central point in Palermo, over Santa Fe Avenue, where the subway D line goes by and many bus lines and cabs too. Santa Fe Avenue divides the Palermo Parks area from Palermo Hollywood and Soho, both which are within walking distance.

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Palermo Soho

It is not by chance that this BA bohemian neighbourhood earned its name Soho. The creative spirit you feel in its streets gives this place a very unique style: avant-garde design, fashion and art contrast with old, attractive recycled houses which hold art galleries, restaurants and bars. One of the ¨coolest¨ districts, which offers an active night life around Plaza Cortázar and Plaza Armenia. This district holds the area known as Palermo Hollywood which owes its name to the presence of the main TV, radio and film making producers´ studios.

Besides being such an active, busy and lively neighbourhood, Palermo Viejo is also ideal for the proximity and easy access to other relevant places in town.

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Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is the newest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Located next to the river it offers a great variety of commercial and gastronomic attractions. The area keeps on growing, more and more people choose to live by the river, with an excellent view and only metres away from downtown, in an attractive and different urban landscape. Its location, size and view make Puerto Madero one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires.

Old colonial recycled docks, maintaining their original façade, nowadays house buildings used as homes, offices, restaurants and discos. Three five stars hotels reflect the great touristic flow in the area.

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Recoleta neighbourhood is considered the most elegant and vibrant in Buenos Aires. Area of embassies, 5 star hotels, haute couture, art and glamour. The Recoleta Park is well known for its typical Parisian style, surrounded by cafés, restaurants, urban artists and the city´s main museums –BA Fine Arts Museum, Palais de Glace and Recoleta Cultural Centre-.

An ideal area for shoppers as well. Alvear Avenue is known as Buenos Aires´Fifth Av., where the most prestigious international brands have their business and the Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall is the most elegant one in the city.

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San Telmo

The most traditional and picturesque neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, full of history and personality, very rich in architecture and art tendencies. San Telmo is one of the oldest areas in the city, well known for its colonial style, with narrow cobbled streets and old buildings, which still preserve their original facade.

This bohemian area is today known for offering a wide range of restaurants, pubs and tango clubs.

San Telmo´s highlight is the Plaza Dorrego Fair, which takes place every weekend. Really eccentric, it offers a huge amount of antiques and it gathers tango dancers, musicians, actors and typical shows from all around.

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