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y Friendly Rentals?
  • We specialise in the short term rental of quality holiday and corporate apartments, with more than 11 years experience.
  • More than 100.000 clients.
  • Exposure of property on website in 6 languages with more than 2 million visits each year with a high conversion rate.
  • Well positioned website in major search engines.
  • Multi-lingual customer service in 11 languages.
  • We have local offices in all of our destinations to guarantee the best service to our clients – both owners and guests.

6 reasons to rent you property with Friendly Rentals

  • Profitability:Renting your apartment on a daily or short term basis is more profitable than the traditional long stay rental. Friendly Rentals is the ideal partner to maximise your income.

  • Flexibility :Both with our commission based and our Full Management contracts you can cancel the agreement at any stage. We guarantee a high quality service to all clients and ensure complete customer satisfaction. And of course you can have free use of your apartment for your own personal use.

  • Immediate Confirmation of Bookings(24/7) to avoid possibility of overbooking.

  • Management tools:Full details of bookings, availability dates etc to save you time and to help maximise profits.

  • Confidence and Transparency of information:From the property owner’s administration site, you will have access to all information regarding bookings, dates and availability giving you total control of your property.

If you require Full Management of your property, Friendly Rentals offers a personalised solution with a complete range of services including: advertising, housekeeping and maintenance of your apartment, all offered by our dedicated professionals.

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