In recent years, Bilbao has become a cultural hub of both national and international importance.

The Guggenheim Museum has become the city’s flagship although it is not the only museum worth visiting. Others museums of interest include the Museum of Fine Arts, considered one of the best classic art galleries, el Bosque Encantado and Chillida Leku. The city is full of areas of architectural interest designed by well-known architects.


Guggenheim Museum
Designed by Frank Ghery, the building that houses this museum is one of the most recognisable in the world. Most of the museum is made up of temporary art exhibitions. The permanent displays in the Guggenheim Museum include works by the most prominent artists of the last four decades, as well as important examples of Pop Art, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, etc.

Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts
The Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts is known for its broad time period pieces and diverse artistic collection. The collection currently has paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings and more than 6000 works of art from the 12th Century to modern day.

Basque Museum
The museum’s collections bring together the prehistory and archaeology of Bizkaia as well as the ethnography and history of the Basque Country and the surrounding areas that were once part of the region.

Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
This museum of religious art is located in the old convent of the Dominican Sisters of conception. The collection displays eight centuries of religious life in Bilbao and the artistic heritage of its diocese.

Maritime Museum of Bilbao
Located on the banks of the river in an area previously used by the Euskalduna shipyard, this museum’s exhibitions highlight the important maritime activities on the Bilbao River and its port, as well as general maritime culture.

 Reproduction Museum of Bilbao
Displays exact reproductions of works from the Vatican Museum, the Florence Academy, the Berlin Museum, the Louvre or the British Museum, amongst others.

Museum de Pasos
Displays artwork from the traditional Easter celebrations in Bilbao.

Taurine Museum of Bilbao
Tells a pictorial history of bullfighting in Bilbao and Bizkaia.

Benedictine Museum of Bilbao
Con esculturas Únicas de Bronce Patinado inspiradas en los Lienzos del Maestro y Donadas al Museo por sus autores.

Archaeological Museum of Bilbao

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