Bilbao is an avant-garde city with great personality, charisma, tradition and some of the most fascinating buildings in the world.

Bilbao will surprise you: it is easy to visit, it has a friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere, it offers an enormous variety of culinary delights, culture and it has a privileged geographical position making it ideal for taking excursions to other destinations in Northern Spain. Below you will find the necessary information and links for discovering Bilbao. Bilbao also has a pass called “Bilbao todo incluido” which offers discounts for transportation and other places of interest.

Bilbao is a constantly changing city and these days the banks of the Nervion River are experiencing an urban redevelopment where the best architects are leaving their mark.

Last century’s industrial spaces are being transformed into the modern buildings of the future. In Bilbao it is easy to feel the past whilst seeing the future.

For years now the city has been experiencing an important process of urban redevelopment where the industrial character of the past is giving way to an impressive business, cultural and artistic offering.

Bilbao is a city with a strong trade history. This commercial development has much to do with its proximity to the region’s iron mines, iron industry and the river as a means of maritime transport.

The city’s growth came with the construction of the current Arenal Bridge during the same period that the Gran Via became the city’s main arterial road along which urban life sprang up, bourgeois houses were built and urban planning based on straight roads and circular plazas was introduced.

The port of Bilbao, a key part of the city’s development has devised a strategy for its future growth, and that future is of a port which, without forgetting its industrial roots, will focus on commercial activity.

These days, due to its strategic location, as well as its excellent land, sea and air transport links, Bilbao is an important centre of national and international trade.

Since the opening of the Guggenheim Museum, the image of Bilbao as a financial and industrial city has gained a reputation amongst tourists seeking a cultural holiday destination.

The port, thanks to its redevelopment, has increased its offer by becoming a stopover for cruise ships touring the Atlantic coasts of Europe.

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