Berlin is the city of museums that house some of the world's cultural treasures. The 175 Berlin museums hold everything from history, art, and science.

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  • Museum Island - UNESCO-World Heritage
    Museum Island, in the heart of Berlin, and the works exhibited in them are a treasure chest for mankind and at the same time one of the main attractions for visitors from around the world. Am Lustgarten  (030 2662987  -

  • Pergamon Museum
    The main pieces of the museum's collection, famous Babylonian, Assur, Uruk and Syrian findings such as: the Ishtar Gate, Miletus' Market Gate, the Pergamon Altar, Procession Street and the facade of the Babilonian Throne Room from the 6th century BC. Am Kupfergraben 5  (030 2662987

  • Bode Museum
    One of the greatest masterpieces of the Berlin museums is the bust of Nefertiti found in the Neues Museum, which just recently opened.  Bodestrasse 3 (030 2662987 -

  • Egyptian Museum in the Neues Museum (Museum Aegyptisches)
    One of the greatest masterpieces of the Berlin museums is the bust of Nefertiti found in the Neues Museum, which just recently opened. Bodestrasse 3 (030 2662987 -

  • German History Museum (Deutsches Historisches Museum)
    The German History Museum is a permanent exhibition of all of Germany's historical periods within a European context. Special exhibitions, temporary exhibitions and events complete the museums cultural program. Unter den Linden 2 (030 20304-0 -

  • Medicine Historical Museum (Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité)
    The range of exhibits in the pathological-anatomical collection of the Medicine Historical Museum of the Charité in Berlin goes from anatomy to heart surgery. Schumannstrasse 20 (030 450536156 -

  • Natural Science Museum (Naturkundemuseum)
    A new Berlin attraction is the permanent exhibition of the skeleton of the largest dinosaur found to date in the world. It is the original skeleton of a Brachyosaurus, twenty-three meters long and twelve meters high dating back 150 million years.Invalidenstrasse 43 (030 209 385 91 -

  • Berlin Wall Museum (Mauermuseum)
    The Berlin Wall Museum opened in 1962 and documents the history of the two German states and their division. Among its many pieces on display are original objects used by people to flee the GDR. Friedrichstrasse 43-45 (030 2 53 72 50 -


  • Berggruen Museum
    The Heinz Berggruen art collection is considered one of the most interesting private collections in the world, including great works by classic modern contemporary artists such as Picasso, Braque, Klee, Giacometti and Matisse.Schloss Strasse 1 (030 326958-0 -

  • Photography Museum - Helmut Newton Foundation
    The foundation started by Helmut Newton in 2003 aims to safeguard, protect, and exhibit the photographic works of Helmut Newton himself and June Newton.
    Jebensstrasse 2 (030 31 86 48 25 -

  • Story of Berlin
    The exhibition takes you through a special journey down the history of Berlin, since its first appearance in 1237 until today. It conveys the true feeling of the Cold War era.  Kurfürstendamm 207 (030 88720-100 -


  • German Expressionism Museum (Brücke Museum)
    The choice of name Die Brücke , "The Bridge", refers to the avant-garde artists' desire to "jump" into the future. In it you shall find works by Expressionists such as: Kirchner, Schmidt - Rottluff, Pechstein, Nolde, and others. Bussardsteig 9 (030 8312-029 -

  • Botanical Garden Museum (Botanisches Museum)
    The Berlin Botanical Garden, with 43 acres, and nearly 22,000 different kinds of plants is considered one of the largest and most important botanical gardens and in the world. Unter den Eichen 6-8 (

  • Allies Museum (Museum Alliirten)
    The Allies Museum, located in the center of the former American sector, holds testimony to a dramatic and remarkable storyline filled with emotions: the history of the Western powers and Berlin in the period 1945 / 1994. Clayallee 135  (030 8181-990 -


  • Jewish Museum (Jüdisches Museum)
    The Jewish Museum is one of the city's attractions. Its impressive architecture  can be described as unique in its style. It is an active center for German and Jewish culture and history; a research, discussion, and idea exchange forum. Lindenstrasse 9 (030 259 933 00  -


  • New National Gallery (Neue National Galerie)
    The museum is mainly devoted to 20th century art, specially Expressionism, Cubism and Bauhaus. Potsdamer Strasse 50 (030 266 424 510 -


  • Stasi Museum (Stasi Museum)
    The buildings that where former GDR Ministry of State Security headquarters are now where the Stasi Museum is located. Here visitors can learn more about the work done by the State Security services and information on the political opposition between 1945 to 1989.  Ruschestrasse 103
    (030 553 685 4 -


  • Bauhaus Archiv
    Bauhaus Archiv - Klingelhöferstrasse 13-14 (030 2540-020

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