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Shopping: General Information

Barcelona is known as a shopping mecca mostly due to its innate sense of design from clothes and shoes to furniture. The vast majority of interesting shops, markets and boutiques are concentrated in the Old Town and Eixample.

You'll find luxury, designer and big-name brands mostly along Passieg de Gracia in Eixample. More one offs, antiques, small boutiques, local artisan shops and latest street fashion spotted around the Gothic Quarter and Borne or Old Town area of Barcelona

Shopping: Opening Hours

Most shops are closed on Sundays, with half days on Saturdays up until around 2pm. Weekdays most are open until around 8pm and the smaller shops close for a long lunch between 2pm and 4pm.

Shopping: Magazines and Newspapers

These can be found in most European languags along the kiosks and stalls along Las Ramblas. FNAC (a French chain) en Plaza Catalunya also carries a large international newsstand with books with French and English sections.

Shopping: Points of Interest

Vinçon en Passieg de Gracia 96, Eixample:
This is one of Barcelona's most original and design focused stores in the city. From contemporary furniture to funky household items you find you'll browse for a while. Most interesting feature to check out is a classic Modernista fireplace on the upperlevel. (Closed to the public during lunchtime)

La Manual Alpargatera, C/Avinyo 7, Barrio Gotico:
Barcelona's best selection of espardrilles to easy to swallow prices. You can find the traditional Tabarner kind which the Catalans wear when dancing the sardana. Sardanas are danced at all traditional Catalan festivals but can be seen in Barcelona every Sunday in front of the cathedral from noon to 2pm.

Masajes a 1000, C/Mallorca 233, Eixample (93 215 85 85):
After a hard day's shopping around Barcelona the only answer for your weary body is a nice soothing reasonably priced massage here (from 10 minutes for 6€ to an hour at around 33€).

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